Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Curriculum page and the Law Course Catalog.

Only UCI graduate students will be considered for enrollment in law courses. Please refer to the Non-Law Student Enrollment in Law Courses page for information.

Complete the Verification Letter Request form and submit it to the Law Registrar’s Office. The letter will be available within 1-2 working days of the request.

Requests for student loan deferments should be delivered to the Law School Registrar's Office. The Law School Registrar's Office will deliver the requests to the University Registrar's Office. Please refer to the Loan Deferment page for details.

Complete the Request for Name Change form and then provide it with the required supporting documents to the Law School Registrar’s Office. The Law School Registrar’s Office will deliver the request to the University Registrar’s Office.

Contact information can be changed via StudentAccess (log-in credentials required).

Enrollment in upper-level classes is completed by law students through LawReg (log-in credentials required). Please refer to the Registration page for details.

Courses such as independent study, externship, clinics, etc. requiring an enrollment authorization code can be obtained from the instructor’s faculty assistant.

Please refer to the Tuition and Fees information page for details.

Complete the Request for Official Transcripts form and then deliver it to the main campus Registrar. Please refer to the Transcripts page for details.

Students can add or drop a class via LawReg (log-in credentials are required). Please refer to the Registration page for details.

Please refer to the Tentative Exam Schedule on the Student Portal page (log-in credentials are required).