Fall 2019 Incoming J.D. Class Profile

First year JD students

Application Count 3147
Enrolled 157

Of the students that were admitted and enrolled:

Profile AttributeStatistic
Female 87 (56%)
Male 68 (43%)
Did not respond 2 (1%)
Students of color1 55%
Median Age 24
Age Range2 19-49

1Students of color - represents all non-white/Caucasian students. This statistic EXCLUDES any students that decline to state their ethnicity. This statistic INCLUDES any students that specified more than one ethnicity/race where at least one ethnicity/race was non-white/Caucasian.

2Age – based on 09/01 of the entering year.

LSAT and GPA scores

75th percentile 167 3.74
50th percentile 165 3.59
25th percentile 162 3.39

LSAT/UGPA percentiles were calculated by the Law School Admissions Council based on matriculate lists provided by UCI School of Law to the American Bar Association.

- Data as of Oct. 5, 2019

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