Fall 2022 Incoming J.D. Class Profile

First year J.D. students

Description Number
Application Count 2,802
Enrolled 172

Of the students that were admitted and enrolled:

Profile Attribute Statistic
Female 53%
Male 45%
Transgender or Gender Diverse 1%
Students of color1 58%
First Generation  31%
Average Age 25
Age Range 21-42

1Students of color - represents all non-white/Caucasian students who disclosed their ethnicity/race. This statistic includes any students that specified more than one ethnicity/race where at least one ethnicity/race was non-white/Caucasian.

LSAT and GPA scores

75th percentile 168 3.83
Median 167 3.72
25th percentile 162 3.51

- Data as of 10/5/2022