Residency Status

Graduate or professional students who are initially classified as non-residents may petition to change their residency status once they feel that they've satisfied all three residency requirements.

Students must demonstrate:

  1. Intent to remain in California
  2. Physical presence in California at least 366 days before the start of the semester in which they wish to be reclassified as a resident
  3. That they are financially independent, or meet one of the exemptions to the financial independence requirement

Indicators of intent to remain in California include:

  • Obtaining a driver's license or state identification card
  • Registering to vote in California
  • Registering a motor vehicle in the state
  • Filing California resident taxes
  • Designating California as a permanent address for all records
  • Opening accounts with financial institutions in California

Acceptable proof of physical presence may include employment verification or school enrollment.

It is imperative that students begin obtaining indicators of intent as soon as they arrive in California. Students are expected to show a concurrence of intent and physical presence 366 days before they are considered residents.

Please visit UCI Registrar's Residency Classification page for UCI and UCOP current guidelines and requirements for residency.