Non-Law Student Enrollment in Law Courses

The Law School values interdisciplinary studies, including having students from other departments take law school courses and law students taking courses in other departments. To facilitate this, consistent with the needs of the law school:
  1. Only graduate students will be considered for enrollment in law courses.
  2. First-year law courses are not open to non-law student enrollment.
  3. UC Irvine graduate students may enroll in a maximum of two law school courses during a degree program. Exceptions for additional enrollments will be decided by the law school’s Assistant Dean for Student Services.
  4. Faculty members shall indicate whether their classes are open to graduate students from other departments and, if so, the percentage (if any) that shall be reserved for students from other departments.  Search the online Law Course Catalog for current course offerings.
  5. Non-law students request enrollment through the Interdepartmental Application Form and will be enrolled in approved law courses by the Law School Registrar. A placeholder will be added to the quarter record transcript and grades will be added when available.
    • Non-law students are responsible for obtaining home department, law school faculty and Assistant Dean for Student Services' approvals in order to enroll.
    • It is the students’ responsibility to check with their home department to determine how Law School courses will be treated by the department and Graduate Division.
    • Students should be aware and alert their departments that law semester grades will be recorded at the end of January and the end of June.
  6. Non-law student enrollees will be issued midterm and final exam numbers, granted access to ExamSoft, and will be graded anonymously.
  7. Non-law student enrollees will be noted on the course roster and will be graded off the curve.
    "off the curve." The minimum passing grade for a UC Irvine graduate student is a “B”, 3.0.
  8. The student is responsible for adhering to the Law School Academic Calendar and Exam Schedule. Exams must be taken on the published exam date, time and place. No exams will be rescheduled, except by express permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

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