Student Profiles

    Class of 2019

  • Photo of Izabella Harutyunyan

    Izabella Harutyunyan – Armenia

    Ms. Harutyunyan received her law degree in 2011 from the American University of Armenia, and most recently received a postgraduate certificate in Security and Crime Science from University College in London.

  • Photo of Jie Liu

    Jie Liu – China

    Ms. Lin attended Fudan University where she earned a Juris Master degree in 2013. She most recently worked as a Senior Associate in the BOC International (China) Co., Ltd. Ms. Liu found her love of the law through her family’s roots in banking.

  • Photo of Jing Wang

    Jing Wang – China

    Ms. Wang earned her law degree at Tianjin Normal University in 2015. Her dream is to become an international business lawyer. Her first job was as an associate assistant at the Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm where she took great pride in earning the trust of her clients. Her interest and hobbies are playing the piano, photography and reading science fiction books.

  • Photo of Piljoo Yoon

    Piljoo Yoon – Korea

    Mr. Yoon earned his bachelor of law degree from Seoul Cyber University. He currently works at Samsung Electronics as a Patent Engineer in the Patent Research and Development Group. Mr. Yoon was also an Administrative Officer in the Republic of Korea Air Force from 2003-2005. He has filed 28 U.S. Patent applications, including 12 issued U.S. Patents. He speaks Korean, Chinese and English.

  • Reema Alghannam – Saudi Arabia

    Ms. Alghannam received her bachelors of law from Prince Sultan University in 2016. She began her professional life as a trainee associate at the Clifford Chance Law Firm. She most recently worked at the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) as a legal advisor. Ms. Alghannam is planning to return back to Saudi Arabia after completion of her L.L.M. to continue her career life.

  • Photo of Wenhong Ren

    Wenhong Ren – China

    Ms. Ren is completing her law degree at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). Her passion lies in environmental law as she believes that it’s “the discipline that most impacts the future and fate of all human beings.” She enjoys reading, mountaineering, skiing and traveling.

  • Photo of Xinnan Wu

    Xinnan Wu – China

    Ms. Wu received her bachelors of law in Intellectual Property from East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL). She went on to earn her Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law and Technology Law from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2017. She also has completed pro bono work with the Asian American Bar Association in San Francisco working with disadvantaged communities. Her intended area of practice is in intellectual property and tax administration.

  • Photo of Yaolu Wang

    Yaolu Wang – China

    Ms. Wang received her Juris Master in Civil and Commercial Law from Wuhan University in 2014. She most recently worked as a lawyer and paralegal at Shanghai DeBund Law Office practicing in foreign direct investments, IPR protection, enterprise liquidation, and bankruptcy law. Ms. Wang won the Best Paralegal Award from DeBund in 2014.

  • Photo of Yiting Liu

    Yiting Liu – China

    Ms. Liu recently completed her bachelor of law degree from Guangzhou University Sontan College. She participated as the lead debater in the Four College League Debate Competition and won the best debater two consecutive years at the Moot Court Competition of the Law Department. Her interest and passion lies in civil law as it closely relates to social activities and social stability.

  • Photo of Yu-Ting Lin

    Yu-Ting Lin– Taiwan

    Ms. Lin received her bachelors of law degree in 2016 from Tunghai University. She has volunteered at the National Museum of Taiwan History, and has interned with the Taichung District Court. Ms. Lin enjoys playing the piano, dancing and swimming.

  • Photo of Zhiqi Liu

    Zhiqi Liu – China

    Ms. Liu received an LL.M. degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2011 after completing her LL.B. from the Northwest University of Politics & Law (China) in 2009. She began her career as a compliance officer at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China before co-founding Safy Information Technology, Ltd. in 2012. After completing her LL.M. at UCI Law she plans to use her business and entrepreneurial background to counsel small businesses to better achieve their goals.

  • Photo of Zhiyuan Fang

    Zhiyuan Fang – China

    Mr. Fang graduated from the University of Jinan and passed China’s Bar Examination in 2013. After graduating, he worked as an apprentice in Real Estate Law at Beijing Qinbing Law Firm, but quickly realized that his interest lies in corporate law. Mr. Fang recently completed a Master’s Degree in Law at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL).

  • Photo of Zhuldyz Trimova

    Zhuldyz Trimova – Kazakhstan

    Ms. Trimova completed her law degree with honors at the Taraz State University, completed her MBA at the International Business Academy. She currently works as an Executive Director, Member of the Board at JSC State Annuity Life Insurance and oversees three departments. Ms. Trimova speaks English, Russian and Kazakh.

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