Student Profiles

    Class of 2024

  • Hana Cho – South Korea

    Ms. Cho has a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in chemical and biological engineering from Seoul National University (2010) and a bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree from Cyber University of Korea (2020). A licensed patent attorney in Korea, she specializes in intellectual property matters, including representing clients in patent invalidation trials and patent prosecution cases; participating in litigation and enforcement activities; and counseling and providing legal opinions. After completing her LL.M. degree, she plans to return to Korea to continue her practice at Firstlaw P.C. with the knowledge and perspectives she has gained at UCI Law.

  • Gokalp Cinar – Türkiye

    Mr. Cinar earned his bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree at Marmara University (2003). Since his admission to the Turkish Bar Association in 2005, he has specialized in the fields of corporate, commercial, and insurance law. Early in his career, he focused on preparing petitions, attending trials, and finalizing contracts. He also consulted and worked with the EU and NATO. In addition to legal practice, Mr. Cinar has significant experience in enterprise risk management, internal controls, and corporate governance. At UCI Law, his primary focus is to deepen his understanding of the U.S. legal system. He also aims to prepare for the California bar exam and work as an international lawyer and legal consultant.

  • Chihiro Hirano – Japan

    Ms. Hirano has a bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree and J.D. from Osaka University and specializes in corporate law, litigation, and dispute resolution. Her professional experience includes engaging in the post-merger integration of an electronics manufacturing company and consolidated subsidiaries. Ms. Hirano enjoys complex project management, liaising and coordinating among parties, and motivating team members to accomplish shared goals. She has learned through her experiences that when working as a member of a global team, it is necessary to understand not only the laws and regulations of countries but also diverse customs and cultural backgrounds. At UCI Law, she would like to advance her knowledge of the U.S. legal system and grow her global network. In addition to being a full-time attorney in Japan, Ms. Hirano is a mother of three children; her multiple roles have required great strength and resilience and taught her many things.

  • Teng-Yuan Hsu – Taiwan

    Mr. Hsu has a bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree from National Chengchi University (2014). Earlier in his career, he worked for a real estate company in the Philippines in property management and legal consultancy. Mr. Hsu later served at the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan, where his responsibilities included maintaining border security by verifying passports, interviewing passengers, and investigating human trafficking cases while prioritizing due process as a public officer. He is pursuing his LL.M. degree at UCI Law to develop advanced legal knowledge and practical skills. After completing the program, he plans to take the California bar exam. A huge NBA and MLB fan, he enjoys watching sports when he is not working.

  • Jeawoo Jung – South Korea

    Mr. Jung earned his bachelor of arts degree in public administration at Korea National Police University (2006) and his J.D. at Hanyang University (2013). As a member of the white collar crime practice group at Lee & Ko, he has worked on anti-corruption, regulatory compliance, and related matters. His experience as a police officer and an investigator in the Independent Counsel's Office—tasked with investigating the illegal conduct of the President of Korea—was crucial for a successful career as a defense lawyer. Over the last 10 years, he has successfully defended clients through investigations and trials involving a broad range of corporate crime and corruption matters. He has also represented clients in the defense industry and cases involving election fraud and election law violation. As a law student, he was interested in international arbitration; he participated in several moot arbitrations and interned with one of Korea's prestigious international arbitration practice groups. At UCI Law, he would like to learn the foundational concepts of the American legal system, especially in criminal law and procedure. In addition, he looks forward to building a beneficial professional network of international colleagues.

  • Gunsu Kim – South Korea

    Mr. Gunsu Kim earned his bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree at Seoul National University in 2006. Since his appointment as a deputy director in 2012, he has worked in the investigator specialization team of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the investigation department of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office. Since 2020, Mr. Kim has also worked as a secretary in the Human Rights Support Division and the Human Rights of Women & Children Division of the Ministry of Justice. After studying American law in the LL.M. program, he plans to continue his professional career in public service.

  • Ki Huk Lee – South Korea

    Mr. Lee earned both his B.S. (2006) and M.S. (2008) degrees in electrical engineering at Korea University (2006) and his bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree at Hanyang Cyber University (2022). With years of experience as a researcher, he worked as a patent manager and inventor of smartphone camera technology for 10 years at Samsung Electronics. His expertise also includes legal investigation and litigation involving patent contracts. Mr. Lee is always open to collaborating with creative people to share and develop new ideas.

  • Sanglim Lee – South Korea

    Ms. Lee has a bachelor of electronic engineering degree from Korea University (2003). A licensed patent attorney in Korea, she has served as in-house counsel at Samsung Electronics for 10 years. Her professional experience also includes working at KBK & Associates—one of the largest firms in Korea—specializing in intellectual property law. Additionally, Ms. Lee has worked as a patent examiner at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). At UCI Law, she hopes to “seize the day” (carpe diem!) and grow as a legal professional.

  • Mayya Magay – Ukraine

    Ms. Magay has a bachelor of laws (LL.B) degree and a master’s degree from Kyiv National Economic University, named after Vadym Hetman. She has more than 15 years of experience in one of the largest marketing and advertising companies in Ukraine. In 2022, Ms. Magay and her family fled the Ukrainian war and moved to California. After she completes the LL.M. program, she plans to take the California bar exam and develop her career in the United States. When she is not working, Ms. Magay enjoys photography and traveling.

  • Kanysh Matayev – Kazakhstan

    Mr. Matayev has a bachelor of laws (Hons.) degree from Kazakh University of the Humanities and Law (2007). He also earned a bachelor of economics degree at the Kazakh Financial and Economic Academy (2010), where he completed his thesis, “Features of the Investigation of Murders Using Tactical Operations.” Early in his career, he was an attorney for a subsidiary of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC (UMP). He later continued his legal practice in the Prosecutor's Office of the East Kazakhstan region, where he advanced to the head of his department. In 2019, Mr. Matayev was awarded the medal of “Impeccable Service" from the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for making a significant contribution to ensuring and observing the rule of law. He is also a recipient of the Bolashak International Scholarship from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to obtain his LL.M. degree in the United States. After completing the program at UCI Law, he plans to continue his legal career in Kazakhstan.

  • Manuela Muñoz Amaya – Colombia

    Ms. Muñoz Amaya earned a bachelor of law (LL.B.) degree at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Medellín, Colombia (2020) and a specialization in civil liability and tort law at Universidad EAFIT, in Medellín, Colombia (2021). While in school, she worked as a legal assistant at Sucesores Federico Estrada Vélez, a recognized law firm in Colombia in the fields of negligence, torts, and administrative law litigation. As a licensed attorney in her home country, Ms. Muñoz Amaya had the fantastic opportunity to work at the firm Gómez Pineda Abogados, where she was trained by Óscar David Gómez Pineda—who was awarded from Chambers in the category of Diversity and Inclusion—and his team, as a legal advisor for national and multinational companies in the field of commercial, civil, and corporate law. In the United States, she has worked for a manufacturing company as an administrative leader, in charge of processing taxes, judicial requirements, AR/AP, recruitment, and human resources. After she completes her LL.M. degree at UCI Law, she plans to take the California bar exam and pursue a career as a legal advisor in corporate and tort law.

  • Phuong-Nhi Ong – Việt Nam

    Ms. Ong earned her bachelor’s degree in English studies (2020) and bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree (2021) at Can Tho University. Additionally, she holds a master of laws (LL.M.) degree in economic law from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. She completed internships in two law firms while pursuing her legal training in Việt Nam and had an executive role in legal services in an export company. At UCI Law, she looks forward to immersing herself in the U.S. legal education environment and culture. In the future, she hopes to continue her career in the legal profession and in higher education.

  • Sucheta Saha – India

    Ms. Saha earned a bachelor of science (B.Sc. Hons.) degree in biology at Calcutta University and a bachelor of laws (LL.B. Hons.) degree at Burdwan University in 2020. A member of the West Bengal Bar Association, she worked as a junior advocate in the Calcutta High Court. Her professional experience includes civil litigation, trademark, and Indian patent law. Additionally, Ms. Saha has served various legal aid programs, including projects centered on property issues and the protection of women against domestic violence. At UCI Law, she is interested in deepening her knowledge of the U.S. legal system and qualifying for the California and New York bar exams.

  • Bhav Ninder Singh – India

    Mr. Singh earned his B.A.LL.B (Hons.) at National Law University, Delhi in 2019. His professional experience includes working in the District Court of Patiala, focusing specifically on criminal law and handling cases including culpable homicide, murder, rape, and assault. He has also worked as a litigator in Delhi High Court and worked for its legal aid committee, providing legal aid to defendants and individuals who cannot afford attorney representation. He has additionally dealt with cases involving arbitration, bankruptcy law, POCSO Act (Protection of Children against Sexual Offenses Act, 2012), and a variety of other areas of law. After completing his LL.M. degree at UCI Law, he plans to take the California bar examination and hopes to pursue his passion for litigation.

  • Qian Song – China

    Ms. Song has a bachelor of economics degree from Hainan University (2012) and a master of laws degree from Central University of Finance and Economics (2015). A licensed attorney in China, her practice has focused on entertainment law; she has extensive experience reviewing contracts, handling contract disputes, and protecting the reputation rights of clients. At UCI Law, she plans to develop a better understanding of the American legal system. After she completes her degree, Ms. Song plans to pass the bar exam and continue her career as an attorney.

  • Yuto Sunada – Japan

    Mr. Sunada earned his bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree from Keio University in 2013. A licensed attorney in Japan, he has been practicing law at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu for the past eight and half years, focusing mainly on financial regulatory matters and asset management businesses for both domestic and international clients. He has also worked for the Financial Services Agency, the primary financial sector regulator in Japan, where he was engaged in supervising financial institutions as well as initiatives to expand Japan’s role in the international market. At UCI Law, he hopes not only to increase his knowledge of U.S. laws and regulations, but also to discover himself while interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Saeideh Tabatabaei – Iran

    Ms. Tabatabaei is a licensed attorney and member of the Isfahan Bar Association of Iran. She earned her bachelor of laws (LL.B.) degree from Islamic Azad University in Isfahan and has over 8 years of experience in various fields of law, with a focus on contract and property law. Ms. Tabatabaei is currently enrolled in the LL.M. program at UCI Law, which she sees as an opportunity to expand her legal knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the American legal system. After completing her LL.M. degree, she plans to sit for the California bar exam.

  • Hirokazu Tanaka – Japan

    Mr. Tanaka earned his bachelor of laws degree (2015) and J.D. (2017) at Keio University. An attorney at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu law firm in Tokyo, he has primarily been engaged in real estate finance transactions, finance regulation, and advising on energy related matters (e.g., mega solar power projects, offshore wind power projects, and carbon credit trading). At UCI Law, he hopes to advance his knowledge of U.S. laws and acquire new perspectives that will help him achieve his professional goal of becoming one of Japan’s top lawyers in his fields.

  • Chi Yang – Taiwan

    Ms. Yang earned her bachelor of laws (LL.B., 2018) degree at National Taipei University and master of laws (LL.M., 2021) degree at National Taipei University in Taiwan. After passing the Taiwan bar exam in December 2018, she became a licensed attorney member of the Taipei Bar Association. Ms. Yang has published her master’s thesis on international custody issues around illegal abduction and habitual residence. At UCI Law, she wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the American legal system and looks forward to sharing this valuable experience with her classmates. In her free time, she studies Japanese and enjoys swimming.

  • Yurii Zinchenko – Ukraine

    Dr. Zinchenko earned his law degree with honors at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy of Ukraine (2004) and his Ph.D. in law at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (2015). A member of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, Dr. Zinchenko’s experience includes working with governmental authorities, regulatory law, contracts, corporate and business relations, and litigation. In addition to practicing law at a firm, he has worked at the National Bank of Ukraine and for a pharmaceutical company. He hopes that his deeper understanding of the American legal system may open up opportunities to facilitate efforts between the United States and Ukraine, to rebuild his home country’s infrastructure, economy, and trade.

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