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When do I use my Law ID?

The following services offered through the Law School will require your LawID to authenticate:

  • Law Library computer lab
  • Law school VPN

When authenticating using your Law ID into the intranet, be sure to use the characters "ad\" before your login name.

When do I use my LawNet Google ID?

The LawNet Google ID is used to access your LawNet email, as well as the other related services within LawNet Google such as calendaring, Google Docs, etc.

When do I use my UCInetID?

The UCInetID will be used to authenticate for the majority of the other services offered at UCI. These services will clearly state, use your UCInetID to login. For your convenience, some commonly used services are below:

Other ways to authenticate

As you continue your education at the UCI Law School, you will receive other ways to authenticate: Lexis, Westlaw, or various career development sites. You may be tempted to keep a file of all of your login names and passwords somewhere. Please avoid doing so. Your login name and password are your electronic identity. If they are taken, a person can access your files, take your information, and assume your identity.

Forgotten password?

For your library systems accounts like Westlaw and Lexis, please contact Robert Rosas via email at or phone at (949) 824-6130.

For your career development accounts. Please contact the Career Development Office via email at or phone at (949) 824-0364.