Internet Connectivity Resources

For students that will be living in the UCI graduate community of (Palo Verde, Verano Place, Campus Village), if you want reliable internet connectivity, it is strongly recommended to use the fixed Ethernet port which is supplied and supported by Housing via OIT ResNet Services. More information can be found on OIT's ResNet Services page. If you purchase a laptop that only supports wi-fi, you will need to purchase an adapter to allow you to plug directly into the Ethernet port. If you will be using multiple devices in your residence and would like to purchase a wireless access point so that other devices could have internet connectivity, you may want to consider purchasing an Ethernet switch so that you can plug your laptop directly into the Ethernet port in addition to a wireless access point.

For those that are living in the ACC communities, internet connectivity is not provided by OIT ResNet Services. They are contracted through Cox Cable for internet services. You will need to work with them on the appropriate options. We recommend the Gigablast option if you will have multiple devices in your home.

If you are living off campus and would like to know other internet connectivity resources, please refer to UCI TechPrep's Internet Connectivity Resources page.