ExamSoft Mock Exam

Running a Mock Exam

We recommend that all students run a "mock" exam to test the wireless cards in their computers. If you experience any problems, please take care of these well before your first exam.

  1. Open Examplify.
  2. Choose "Download Exam Files."
  3. Enter your UCINETID and 8-digit student number.
  4. Download the Mock Exam file.
  5. Open the exam file in Examplify.
  6. Exit the exam and follow all instructions to upload the answer file back to the server.
  7. You should receive confirmation that your file was uploaded. If you experience any problems running this mock exam, you should contact ExamSoft’s technical support (866-429-8889) to resolve them before your first exam. If you can't resolve any wireless problems prior to your exams, you should plan on writing your exam in Bluebooks.