Student Affiliates

The graduate student affiliation program promotes interactions between students and faculty across campus, by providing fora for discussion and engagement, by disseminating information and research findings, and by establishing networks and collaborative activities.  Graduate student affiliates work with the Center and its faculty affiliates to plan programs of mutual interest and benefit for the Center, academic, and public communities.  Affiliates receive news about Center activities, and are eligible to apply for Center funding opportunities.
  • Lauren Anderson

    Violence and state repression, human rights and international law, and legal mobilization and social movement
  • Chima Anyadike-Danes

    Los Angeles, Mongolians, municipal government, technologies of recognition, place-making, scale
  • Melissa Barragan

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Inequality, race/ethnicity, punishment, rehabilitation and reintegration, higher education in prison, prisoner rights, and collateral consequences
  • Alyse Bertenthal

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Law and language, access to justice, environmentalism and environmental justice, ethnography of law
  • Jessica Cabrera

    Violence against women, gender, law, and culture

  • Jessica Callahan

    Social movements, sexuality, gender and family

  • Luzilda Carrillo

    Ecuador, politics of international law, gender, violence, embodiment
  • Kelsie Chesnut

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Expansion of punishment and the carceral net, privatization of punishment, crime and family law, race and domestic labor, narratives surrounding gun rights
  • Nathan Coben

    Formations of property, territory and finance, abandoned homes in the European Union
  • Benjamin Cox

    Maritime regulatory regimes, piracy, Horn of Africa, law and disorder
  • Ann Elizabeth DeLuca

    Aging and demographic thinking, public policy, technologies of care, municipal governance, gerontology, Turkey
  • Nathan Dobson

    Security, money, speculation, economic institutions, slavery, apprenticeship
  • Tania DoCarmo

    Culture, global inequality, violence, human trafficking, hegemonic victim narratives
  • Emily T.A. Earl

    Incarceration, written word, mass media, United States, Appalachia
  • Oviya Govindan

    Law, property, politics of space, materiality of State and governance, urban land dynamics, India
  • Rosa Greenbaum

    Criminology, Law and Soceity
    Miscarriages of justice, capital punishment, indigent defense, race and mass incarceration
  • Rachel Greenspan

    Psychology and Social Behavior
    Psychology and law, eyewitness evidence
  • Brian Hui

    Urban Planning and Public Policy
    Collaborative governance, participatory democracy, civic engagement, reciprocal accountability
  • E. Nory Kaplan-Kelly

    Northern Ireland, legislation, peace, transitional justice, human rights, and nationalism
  • Gregory Kohler

    Corporate law, corporations, bureucracy, European Union, Italy
  • N. Levi LaChappelle

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Collateral consequences of criminal convictions, race and racism, politics, inequality and punishment
  • Eulalie Laschever

    How political and cultural context affects the mobilization and potential impact of gun rights and gun control organizations
  • Deborah Lefkowitz

    Social Ecology
    Cancer survivorship and legal-medical partnerships, geographic disparities, legal categories and definition of cancer as a disability
  • Daniella McCahey

    Science and technology studies, internation science and environmental policy, history of Antarctica, science in extreme environments
  • Chandra Middleton

    Regulatory spaces, environment, expertise, water politics, governance
  • Alberto E. Morales

    Science-making, bioprospecting, intellectual property, sustainable development
  • Phillip Ninomiya

    Colonialism, consumerism, colonial Mexico
  • James Pratt

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Culture and crime, violence, race, homogeneity of law
  • Tariq Rahman

    Land governance, property, housing, financialization, value, Pakistan
  • Alexandra Raleigh

    Political Science
    Transitional justice mechanisms in post-conflict societies
  • Renée Reizman

    Art - Critical & Curatorial Studies
    Access to information & communication technology, net neutrality, and how aesthetics of technology platforms influence broader culture

  • Archibaldo Silva

    The impact of legal norms and cultural beliefs on family life participation among ethnic sexual minorities
  • Zac Stone

    Criminology, Law and Society
    Cultural trauma and the intersection of collective memory and the law
  • Annie Wilkinson

    International human rights law, homonationalism, sexuality, transnational social movements, Latin America, missionaries
  • Melissa Katherine Wrapp

    Informal settlements, urban inequality, property and law, media and perception, identity, Cape Town
  • Nima Yolmo

    Money, digitized transactions, armed conflict, community laws, and state laws
  • Jennifer Zelnick

    Transnationalism, citizenship, kinship, legality, criminalization, and belonging


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