Legal Studies at UCI

As part of its mission to promote engagement with issues concerning law, society, and culture across the campus, the CLSC and its affiliates support a network of organizations, courses, and initiatives advancing socio-legal scholarship at UCI.



Multi- and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Law is a reading and discussion seminar. We will engage with law from a substantial number of distinct disciplinary perspectives (anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, rhetoric, sociology, political science) which we will use in an attempt to construct our own “interdisciplinary” knowledge of law.
This seminar seeks to push beyond the theoretical traditions of the Euro-American academy and to engage important theoretical contributions made by scholars from the Global South. We begin by discussing the validity of the “Global South” as a binary theoretical construct, and then ask who speaks for the Global South? We then read works by diverse scholars that bring into question taken-for-granted assumptions about power, authority, and significance.
This course explores the theory and practice of ethnography with a focus on anthropology, the discipline most associated with ethnography. Students are exposed to the theoretical underpinnings of ethnographic work, traditional and innovative practices, and sample ethnographies.