Loan Repayment Assistance Program

  • Graduates may begin participating in the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) within 3 1/2 years (42 months) of their graduation date.
  • The UCI Law LRAP is designed to aid graduates who earned the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and are employed by either 501(c)(3) nonprofit public interest organizations or government agencies. Qualifying employment is defined as full-time paid work, which means a J.D. degree must be required or the position must rely heavily on law school training.
  • The LRAP is integrated with the Income Driven Repayment (IDR) options: Income Based Repayment (IBR) or Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) provided by the federal government’s College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. The LRAP will grant up to 10 years of support to graduates for payments of federal student loan debt provided that their annual income is not greater than $80,000.

The LRAP will provide loan repayment assistance of all federal student loans incurred during law school as well as those incurred during undergraduate or through other graduate programs prior to attending UC Irvine School of Law.

Please contact Nasreen B. Zia, Director of Student Financial Services, or Anna Davis, Director of Public Interest Programs, or email with any questions regarding LRAP.

Please review the Program Guidelines (PDF) for details.