About the Graduate Tax Program

We are the preeminent Graduate Tax Program on the West Coast.

The Graduate Tax Program at the University of California, Irvine School of Law offers an innovative, one-of-a-kind LL.M. curriculum that instills students with both the doctrinal depth and the practical skills needed to practice tax law at the highest levels, in the United States or abroad.

The Graduate Tax Program aims to produce graduates who are prepared for careers as tax attorneys, judges, tax administrators and policy advocates, as well as markedly enhance the tax skills of those who are already members of the tax profession.

In designing its innovative curriculum, the program’s founding tax faculty consulted tax practitioners, government administrators, tax policy advocates and other industry experts to develop a world-class educational experience at one of the premiere law schools in the United States.  At the center of the curriculum is a mandatory practical tax skills requirement, which is completed through tax externships, tax clinics, or specially designed tax classes. Ours is the only program in the United States that makes practical tax skills an inherent, mandatory part of the academic curriculum.  For more information academic requirements, see Curriculum.

World Renowned Faculty

The core full-time  founding tax faculty of UCI Law’s Graduate Tax Program comprises world-renowned, lauded experts in their fields. All member of our founding tax faculty have practical tax experience, and have gained significant experience teaching full-time at other graduate tax programs around the country before joining the faculty of UCI Law.

In addition, our tax lecturers in law are all leading practitioners in major law firms, corporations and government agencies. The founding tax faculty has taken great care to recruit lecturers who will actively contribute to the program and who will be genuinely interested in their students' academic and professional success.

Commitment to Student Success

The founding tax faculty received broad leeway to design their “dream tax program.” This meant designing a new graduate tax program focused on student success and practical tax application. Our faculty are committed to helping our students thrive in the classroom and are dedicated to empowering them to reach their educational and professional goals.

Read a message from the founding tax faculty here.

Impeccable Reputation

Individually and collectively, the faculty, staff, students, alums and friends of the Law School have made UCI Law a place of excellence and innovation in teaching, scholarship and public service. Our Graduate Tax Program is nationally and internationally recognized and deemed a preeminent Graduate Tax Program on the West Coast. 

Small Class Sizes

Our student-faculty ratio is among the best in the country. We combine the best of a small, collegial and supportive environment with a large and lauded research institution. 


For more information on admissions and application schedule see Application and Admissions.

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