SLLI Research Grants

SLLI offered an inaugural round of grants to support research in 2020 with an additional round of grants announced in 2022. The program funds multiple grants of up to $15,000, and is administered by the Student Borrower Protection Center.

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2020 Research Grants

SLLI's 2020 research grants support scholars across six unique projects with the goal of providing policymakers and advocates with critical information for tackling the student debt crisis. Research areas include: the effect of student debt on borrower’s financial lives, disparate lending patterns among marginalized communities, and policies for improving access to affordable repayment plans. The 2020 SLLI grants have been awarded to more than a dozen leading experts from a wide range of fields including law, higher education, economics, and sociology. These are the first research grants awarded by SLLI.

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About SLLI Research Grants

The SLLI Research Grant Program seeks to support research that will fill critical gaps in existing student loan research. The grant program seeks researchers who will help us better understand how student loans affect individuals, communities, states, and our country as a whole. Researchers can tackle this question from many angles, but we have a particular interest in research that gets to the impact of delinquency and default on specific communities and populations within the U.S.

The grant program gives preference to proposals including quantitative analysis, but applications from a broad field of disciplines—including but not limited to law, economics, sociology, or higher education—are encouraged.  The grant-supported research should identify and close gaps in data, provide actionable legal analysis of litigation or legislation, or identify best practices across consumer markets or across financial products. 

Grant-supported research can be published according to the wishes of the grant recipient, but must always include an attribution to the Student Borrower Protection Center and the University of California, Irvine.

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