Externship Past Placements

Federal Judiciary

U.S. Court of Appeal Ninth Circuit

  • Judge Richard Clifton, Honolulu
  • Judge Ray Fisher, Pasadena
  • Judge Harry Pregerson, Woodland Hills
  • Judge Stephen Reinhardt, Los Angeles
  • Judge Kim Wardlaw, Pasadena
  • Judge Alex Kozinski, Pasadena

U.S. District Court

  • Judge David Briones, El Paso, TX
  • Judge Cormac J. Carney, Santa Ana 
  • Judge David Carter, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Allison Claire, Sacramento
  • Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, San Diego
  • Judge Dolly M. Gee, Los Angeles 
  • Judge Andrew J. Guilford, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Philip Gutierrez, Los Angeles 
  • Judge Terry Hatter, Los Angeles
  • Judge Susan Illston, San Francisco
  • Judge John L. Kane, Denver, CO
  • Judge Ivan L.R. Lemelle, Louisiana
  • Judge Roslyn Mauskopf, New York, NY
  • Judge Jeffrey Miller, San Diego
  • Judge Margaret M. Morrow, Los Angeles
  • Judge James S. Otero, Los Angeles
  • Judge William Pauley, New York
  • Judge Virginia Phillips, Riverside
  • Judge Dean Pregerson, Los Angeles
  • Judge James V. Selna, Santa Ana
  • Judge Christine A. Snyder, Los Angeles
  • Judge Josephine Staton,† Santa Ana
    Formerly Josephine Staton Tucker

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

  • Judge Theodor C. Albert, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Catherine Bauer, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Scott C. Clarkson, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Mark D. Houle, Riverside
  • Judge Meredith Jury, Riverside
  • Judge Robert Kwan, Los Angeles 
  • Judge Deborah Saltzman, Riverside
  • Judge Erithe Smith, Santa Ana
  • Judge Laura Taylor, San Diego
  • Judge Maureen A. Tighe, Woodland Hills
  • Judge Mark Wallace, Santa Ana


  • Judge Jay Gandhi, Santa Ana
  • Judge Jean Rosenbluth, Los Angeles

State Judiciary

California Court of Appeal

  • Justice Richard M. Aronson, Santa Ana 
  • Justice William Bedsworth, Santa Ana
  • Justice Norman Epstein, Los Angeles
  • Justice Richard D. Fybel, Santa Ana
  • Justice Raymond J. Ikola, Santa Ana 
  • Justice Martin J. Jenkins, San Francisco
  • Justice Eileen C. Moore, Santa Ana
  • Justice Kathleen O’Leary, Santa Ana
  • Justice Dennis Perluss, Los Angeles 
  • Justice William Rylaarsdam, Santa Ana 
  • Justice Laurence Rubin, Los Angeles
  • Justice Laurie D. Zelon, Los Angeles 

State Supreme Court

  • Justice Loretta Rush, Indiana

Court of Claims

  • Justice Alice Schlesinger, New York

Superior Court, Orange County

  • Judge Steven Bromberg, Santa Ana 
  • Judge James Di Cesare, Santa Ana 
  • Judge Maria Hernandez, Orange
  • Judge Carolyn Kirkwood, Santa Ana
  • Judge Richard Lee, Orange
  • Judge Douglas Hatchimonji, Orange
  • Judge Gregory Lewis, Santa Ana
  • Judge Karen Robinson, Newport Beach
  • Judge Lon Hurwitz, Orange

Superior Court, Los Angeles County

  • Judge Lee Smalley Edmon

Superior Court, San Francisco County

  • Judge Newton Lam
  • Judge Susan Breall

Superior Court, San Diego County

  • Judge Timothy Taylor

Superior Court, Santa Barbara County

  • Judge Brian Hill

Superior Court, Alameda County

  • Judge Stuart Hing



  • Army National Guard, JAG, Los Alamitos
  • Internal Revenue Service, Office of the Chief Counsel
  • Marine Corps, Joint Legal Assistance Office (JLAO/JAG), Camp Pendleton 
  • Naval Service Warfare Center, Norco
  • Office of the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee 
  • Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (DHHS) Irvine
  • Federal Public Defender, Santa Ana 
  • Securities & Exchange Commission, Atlanta
  • Small Business Administration, National Disaster Loan Recovery Center, Santa AnaU.S. Attorney’s Office
    • Criminal, Santa Ana 
    • Criminal, Riverside 
    • Criminal, Los Angeles
    • Civil, Los Angeles
    • Tax, Los Angeles


  • California Attorney General’s Office 
    • Torts & Condemnation Section, Los Angeles
    • Consumer Law Section, Los Angeles
    • Employment & Administrative Mandate, San Diego
  • University of California, Irvine Office of Technology Alliances

Orange County

  • County Counsel
    • Child Protection
    • Public Finance
  • District Attorney 
  • Public Defender 
  • Alternate Public Defender

Los Angeles County

  • District Attorney
  • Norwalk-La Mirada School District
  • Neighborhood Legal Services, Pacoima

San Diego County

  • District Attorney 

Riverside County

  • County Counsel 

City Attorneys

  • City Attorney of Huntington Beach
  • City Attorney of Long Beach
  • City Attorney of Los Angeles
  • City Attorney of Newport Beach

Public Interest

  • ACLU of Southern California, Los Angeles;
    Orange County 
  • Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • Anti-Defamation League, Los Angeles
  • Asian Pacific American Legal Center
  • Bet Tzedek, Los Angeles
  • Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles 
  • Consumer Watchdog, Santa Monica
  • Disability Rights Legal Center
  • Disability Rights Advocates
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco 
  • Employment Law Center, San Francisco
  • Inner City Law Center, Los Angeles 
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Legal Aid Society of Orange County 
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Santa Monica 
  • New Media Rights, San Diego
  • Orange County Coastkeepers 
  • Public Counsel, Los Angeles
    • Children’s Rights
    • Consumer Law
    • Immigrants’ Rights
  • Public Law Center, Santa Ana
  • Screen Actors Guild 
  • UCI International Human Rights Clinic
  • Wage Justice Center
  • Western Center on Law & Poverty