Recommended Zoom Settings

The following settings were recommended by OIT. Their settings can be found on OIT's TechPrep @ UCI site.

Our web page complements OIT’s recommendations with comments on why you may consider these settings. For more information, feel free to contact the IT help desk at


Recommended Zoom Settings

  1. Using a browser in incognito/private mode, visit
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Go to Personal > Settings
  4. Verify your Settings match the following (not all settings are listed here):

Zoom Setting Name Zoom Setting Status
Audio Type Telephone and Computer Audio
Join Before Host Optional
It is recommended passwords are enabled when scheduling a meeting to prevent Zoom bombing. Please note that “Join before host” will NOT work if you have the waiting room enabled.
Enable Personal Meeting ID Enabled
Use Personal Meeting ID when scheduling a meeting Disabled
This ensures students don’t accidently join the wrong Zoom session.
Use Personal Meeting ID when starting an instant meeting Enabled
This allows you to host office hours with the same meeting ID.
Only authenticated users can join meetings Enabled
This setting helps mitigate zoom bombing.
Embed password in invite link for on-click join Enabled
Mute participants upon entry Enabled
Chat On students can chat publicly with everyone
Off no chat allowed
Prevent participants from saving chat Disabled
If this is enabled, the host will unable to save the chat as well. In order for the host to save the chat, this setting needs to be disabled which also allows all participants to save the chat. There is currently no way to only allow the host to save the chat and not the participants. The auto save chat features saves the chat automatically but also allows participants to save the chat.
Auto saving chats Disabled
File transfer Disabled
This settings helps prevent the spread of malicious files and viruses.
Co-Host Enabled
Polling Enabled
Screen sharing  Enabled and Host Only
Annotation Optional
Allow removed participants to rejoin Optional
If you accidentally remove a participant from your meeting and you have the waiting room enabled, you may want to enable this setting.
Breakout Room Enabled
Remote Support Disabled
Waiting Room Optional
Use the waiting room setting if you choose not to set a password when you schedule meetings. This means that you will need to admit everyone into your class if they call from their phone or a device that they didn’t login to zoom with. NOTE: Tell students to properly set the name on their zoom application. Otherwise, you may not admit them if you don’t recognize their name or number
Closed Captioning Enabled

More information on Zoom settings is available on the Changing Your Meeting Settings page of the Zoom Help Center website.

Privacy Consideration

Please see the Joint statement of the UC Location CIOs regarding Zoom security and privacy issues and best practices.

Please also review the Privacy Consideration Statement provided by the campus. They stated the following: I encourage you to provide your remote instruction via UCI’s LMS/Canvas. Although it is not perfect (and we are working to improve it), it provides you with the best protection related to copyright issues in two ways: (a) you have more protection from claims that you have infringed someone else’s copyrights when you use another’s work in your materials if your course is delivered via LMS/Canvas, and (b) the technology of LMS/Canvas makes it more difficult for anyone to copy and distribute your materials. 

If you are uploading your Zoom recordings through our system instead of Canvas, we are also preventing the copying and distribution of your materials. Students will need to authenticate in order to access the class recordings. Please do not use YouTube or other forms of distribution that are public facing and not password protected.