Getting Started as an Instructor at the UCI School of Law


For assistance completing your academic file and hiring paperwork, please contact  

Questions related to any administrative support you may need for the course, including assistance ordering your text books and communicating with students, should be directed to the Faculty Support Team. Please email A team member will be in touch on who your faculty support assignment will be.

Full-Time Faculty, Visitors, and Adjuncts: Please send a resume that we can post on our website, along with a short bio, high-res photo, and your contact information to .

Unit 18 Lecturers: Please send a short bio and your contact information to

This will ensure that the information gets posted on our website.

Tera Holmes will contact you about providing a course description (if one is not included in your course syllabus) and also provide you with information about requesting specfic days/times for teaching. 

Send your course syllabus to

Your course syllabus must include:

  • Learning Outcomes (see ABA Guidelines) link is
  • The method of evaluation and weight for all course components, which may include
    • Class participation and professionalism
    • Quizzes and midterms
    • Final project, final paper, or series of shorter papers
    • In-class or take-home examination
    • The grading policy
      • Whether points will be added/subtracted based on participation and/or professionalism
      • Penalties for late assignments
      • Other course rules affecting grades
      • Class attendance policy
      • Office hours and instructor’s contact information
      • Required and optional course materials
      • Information about the course website
      • Special course rules (e.g., no laptops are permitted)
      • All the reading assignments for the semester

See the Handbook for Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty for sample course syllabi.

If you have additional questions regarding your syllabus, please contact the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Trilby Robinson-Dorn, at

Your course page will be available through UCI Canvas (you will need your UCInetID and password to log in). Although your assistant will help you manage content on the page, you may find these tutorials useful:

Beginning on August 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester, you can monitor your class enrollment and view/print a photo roster by visiting the grades/rosters web application (you will need your UCInetID and password to log in). Enrollment for upper-level classes can also be monitored through Canvas once the registration window opens. Please note that enrollment changes occur frequently through the first two weeks of instruction.

There are two workshops. One in the Fall to describe courses being offered in the Spring. One in the Spring to describe courses being offered in the Fall. Your faculty assistant will work with the Assistant Dean for Student Services to provide you the information. On the date of the workshop, you will be invited to present descriptions of your course to enrolling students.

Based on the number of units for your course, you are required to instruct a certain number of hours. If you are to cancel a class, please email to schedule a make-up class.

Our Registrar, Tera Holmes, will work with you to schedule your class.  Tera will also gather information about your final exam (in-class, take-home, etc.). She can be reached at or 949-824-6730.

Please contact to coordinate the location of your office and the distribution of keys.

The best place to park is in the Social Sciences Parking Structure off of Campus Drive and Stanford.  When you pull into the parking structure, there is a parking kiosk and it’s $2.00 per hour. 

View the Campus Map (PDF) >


Your UCInetID is your key to online services provided by the main campus; most importantly, you will need it to sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck, view your class roster, access the Academic Rules, Standards &Procedures, submit your grades to the Law School’s Grading Module, and input your final exam information. Information on how to activate your UCInetID >

Law ID

After you have completed your hiring paperwork, you can contact IT at 949-824-1434 or to get you setup with your Law ID.

You can find useful information and links on the law school website, including faculty and lecturer profiles, academic and master calendars, and law library services. The Law School website also hosts secure information and internal resources through the Faculty Portal. To access the Faculty portal: 1) visit, 2) click the “Faculty” tab on the bottom banner, and 3) log in using your Law ID credentials. You can view the Academic Rules, Standards & Procedures as well as the handbooks using this login.

Yes, the Law Library is providing remote services. For questions about borrowing privileges and other services, email The Law Library building is closed for general use, as required by government and public health directives.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulates the release of student information.

It is very important that protected student information, such as grades, not be posted to public locations such as class websites or classroom/office doors, even if listed by ID number. If you are ever unsure of the legality of posting particular information, contact your school or department for more information, and remember that it is generally best to err on the side of caution!

If you wish to distribute interim grades electronically, you can do so securely and legally using Canvas.

For complete information on FERPA, please visit U.S. Department of Education: FERPA

For FERPA-related questions or concerns, please contact the University Registrar.

University Registrar
(949) 824-6124

For additional information, see the FERPA tutorial.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Faculty at the University of California, Irvine are required to take a sexual harassment prevention training course. This can be taken online. For more information, including details on how and when you can complete this program, please visit the following website:  The website also provides helpful information on how to report incidents of sexual harassment.

The University of California’s sexual harassment policy can be found online at: U.C. Irvine’s Faculty Code of Conduct also has relevant provisions at Part II.A., items 6 & 7.