David Pierucci delivers funny and poignant Commencement speech

May 20, 2013

D. Pierucci at Commencement
Pierucci was chosen by the Class of 2013 to deliver the student address at the May 11 commencement. His opening: “Allow me to begin by addressing the question on everyone’s mind here today: Why was I, David Pierucci, chosen to be student commencement speaker for the second class ever of this law school? Well, no matter what I’ve been telling my parents, it’s not because I’m class valedictorian. My grade in torts class took care of that.” Pierucci’s speech was funny and poignant, and included a spot-on imitation of Dean Chemerinsky. It also featured a comical description of notes “discovered” detailing the original plans for the law school. By popular demand - well, actually, his parents requested it - we have made available a videotape of the speech. Here's the text version.