UC Irvine Journal of International, Transnational, and Comparative Law Publishes New Volume


The UC Irvine Journal of International, Transnational, and Comparative Law just published its latest volume: Volume 5 Transnational Fiduciary Law. In this issue, leading scholars from around the world working in both common law and civil law traditions worked to open new inquiries into the theory, doctrine, and practice of transnational fiduciary law, including both private fiduciary law and public fiduciary law.

The articles in Volume 5 are:

  • Theorizing Transnational Fiduciary Law” by Seth Davis and Gregory Shaffer
  • Transnational Fiduciary Law” by Tamar Frankel
  • Transnational Fiduciary Law: Spaces and Elements” by Thilo Kuntz
  • Transnational Fiduciary Law in Financial Intermediation: Are We There Yet? A Case Study in the Emergence of Transnational Legal Ordering” by Jens-Hinrich Binder
  • Transnational Fiduciary Law in Bond Markets: A Case Study” by Moritz Renner
  • The Japanese Law of Fiduciaries from Comparative and Transnational Perspectives” by Masayuki Tamaruya and Mutsuhiko Yukioka
  • Shifting Contours of Directors’ Fiduciary Duties and Norms in Comparative Corporate Governance” by Jennifer G. Hill

This follows volume 1 (on Transnational Legal Ordering and Private Law), volume 2 (on Transnational Elements of Constitution-Making), volume 3 (on Globalization of Legal Education) and volume 4 (on  Transnational Ordering of Criminal Justice).

Advised by Chancellor’s Professor of Law and UCI Law Center on Globalization, Law and Society Director Gregory Shaffer, the Journal is dedicated to the advancement of legal scholarship in the fields of international, transnational, and comparative law. The Editor-in-Chief for this issue was 3L Spencer Shure. The incoming Editor-in-Chief is Allyson Myers.