Invest in UCI Law

Because of the generous investment of our friends and supporters, the University of California, Irvine School of Law has already made history. Your financial support of our students, programs, clinics, institutes and research will help launch our school into the ranks of the top institutions in the U.S.

Every dollar you contribute has a direct and meaningful impact on the daily operation and growth of our new School of Law:

  • Every dollar from our early partners supported the inaugural students as they established the school’s academic credentials and traditions for generations to come.
  • Every dollar given now affects our ability to recruit the best and brightest law students and launch our school into the top ranks of schools nationwide.
  • Every dollar contributed by our treasured friends supports the highest level of scholarship and research by our top-ranked faculty.
  • Every dollar provides services to the underserved, prepares underrepresented students for legal study, and greatly enriches the intellectual life of the local bar and bench.

Because of the generosity of donors:

  • The public support from law firms and corporate gifts has enhanced recruiting prospects at UCI Law, home of top-tier law students.
  • The fact that fees and tuition cover only a portion of what it takes to run the law school on an annual basis has been recognized, and private donations have helped to make the qualitative difference in our ability to meet the needs of the school.
  • Expendable gifts from our friends fund student organizations, clinics, build admissions pipelines for underrepresented students, and assist in maintaining library book and online collections.
  • Scholarship gifts enable the school to recruit talented students and to minimize their future loan burdens.
  • Endowed professorships empower the school to recruit top national academic talent, and support research in important specialty subject areas such as environmental law, immigration law, intellectual property and patent law.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Consider being a partner with us in this great endeavor, and make a difference with your support.