UCI Law's Brilliant Future Campaign

Law is at the center of every critical issue facing our society today, including artificial intelligence, healthcare, and the environment. At UCI Law, we are driven to improve our local, national, and global communities by grappling with important issues as scholars, as practitioners, and as teachers who are preparing the next generation of leaders. Unconstrained by decades of dated practices, UCI Law capitalizes on our freedom to break new ground. As thoughtful risk-takers, we are ready and excited to innovate and forge our own path. UCI Law is making a difference.

Let’s go change the world.

"We will ascend to be a top 10 law school by further engaging our commitment to public service, innovation and cutting-edge faculty research." - L. Song Richardson, Dean and Chancellor's Professor of Law

Brilliant Future Investments in the School of Law

UCI Law came into the world with a bold pledge to be a top law school within a decade. Having achieved that, we are now focused on our second decade – and we are setting our sights much higher. Our goal is to be a top 10 Law School, and we will do it the UCI Law way. 

Our success in the Brilliant Future Campaign will allow us to make major investments in our students, our clinics and centers, and our faculty. We seek to raise $65 million in the next five years.

Explore our fundraising priorities below.

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