2023 Celebration of Books



The University of California, Irvine School of Law faculty are some of the nation’s leading scholars and teachers, representing a broad range of expertise. The Law Library's Celebration of Books serves as a tribute to their exceptional contributions to legal literature. This annual event recognizes the publication of books authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited by UCI Law faculty.

Browse the following list to discover the latest notable works showcased during this year's Celebration of Books.

Swethaa S. Ballakrishnen and Kalpana Kannabiran. Gender Regimes and the Politics of Privacy: A Feminist Re-Reading of Puttaswamy vs. Union of India. Zubaan Publishing, 2021.

Mary Basick and Tina Schindler. MBE Decoded—Multistate Bar Exam. Aspen Publishing, 2021.
Joshua D. Blank and Shari Motro. The Income Tax Map: A Bird’s-Eye View of Federal Income Taxation for Law Students. West Academic Publishing, 2022.
Joshua D. Blank, Cheryl D. Block, and Ari Glogower. Examples & Explanations for Corporate Taxation, 5th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2022.
Courtney Cahill and Linda Edwards. Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide, 6th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2021.
Alejandro E. Camacho, James C. Smith, and Ed Larson. Property: Cases and Materials, 5th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2022.
Alejandro E. Camacho et al. Environmental Protection: Law and Policy, 9th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2023.
Joseph F. C. DiMento. Polar Shift: The Arctic Sustained. Anthem Press, 2022.
Bryant G. Garth and Yves Dezalay. Law as Reproduction and Revolution: An Interconnected History. University of California Press, 2021.
Bryant G. Garth and Gregory Shaffer, eds. The Globalization of Legal Education: A Critical Perspective. Oxford University Press, 2022.
Howard Gillman, Mark A. Graber, and Keith E. Whittington. American Constitutionalism; Volume I: Structures of Government, 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, 2021.
Howard Gillman, Mark A. Graber, and Keith E. Whittington. American Constitutionalism; Volume II: Rights and Liberties, 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, 2021.
Sung Eun (Summer) Kim, D. Gordon Smith, and Cynthia A. Williams. Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Context, 5th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2022.
Carrie Menkel-Meadow. Negotiation: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2022.
Austen L. Parrish, Cristina C. Knolton, and Lisa C. Dennis. Hard-Nosed Advice from a Cranky Law Professor: How to Succeed in Law School, 2nd ed. Carolina Academic Press, 2021.
Katherine Porter et al. The Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and Problems, 8th ed. Aspen Publishing, 2021.
Gregory Shaffer. Emerging Powers and the World Trading System: The Past and Future of International Economic Law. Cambridge University Press, 2021.
Gregory Shaffer and Bryant G. Garth, eds. The Globalization of Legal Education: A Critical Perspective. Oxford University Press, 2022.
Christopher A. Whytock, Donald E. Childress III, and Michael D. Ramsey. Transnational Law and Practice, 2nd ed. Wolters Kluwer, 2021.