Our Faculty

UCI Law faculty are some of the nation’s leading scholars and teachers, representing a broad range of expertise, including antitrust; biotechnology; business law; civil procedure; civil rights; constitutional law; consumer law; criminal law; diversity, education and law; equality and discrimination; election law; environmental law; gender and law; government regulation and policy; health law; immigration law; intellectual property and cyberlaw; international dispute resolution; international law and securities; labor and employment law; law and pop culture; law and psychology; law and social sciences; legal ethics and professional responsibility; tax law; and urban planning. A 2021 study of Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties ranks UCI Law No. 14 in the U.S.

Full-Time Faculty

  • Prof. Ahmed portrait

    Aziza Ahmed

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Social Movements and the Law; Health Law; Criminal Law; Constitutional Law; Gender, Sexuality and the Law; Reproductive Rights; Bioethics; Race and the Law; International Human Rights; International Law

  • Prof. Archer portrait

    Cindy Thomas Archer

    Professor of Lawyering Skills

    Expertise: Legal Analysis and Communication, Civil Litigation Practice, Lawyer-Client Relationship, Professional Responsibility, Client Interviewing and Counseling Skills, Cultural Humility in Client Representation, Inclusive Excellence in Legal Education

  • Prof. Ashar portait

    Sameer Ashar

    Associate Dean for Equity Initiatives
    Clinical Professor of Law

    Expertise: Clinical Legal Education, Law and Social Movements, Labor Law, Immigration Law, Legal Profession

  • Prof. Ballakrishnen portrait

    Swethaa Ballakrishnen

    Assistant Professor of Law 
    Co-Director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession

    sballakrishnen@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7979

    Expertise: Legal Profession, Gender, Critical Feminist and Queer Theory, Global Souths, India

  • Prof. Baradaran portrait

    Mehrsa Baradaran

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Banking Law, Contracts, Property, Housing, Inequality

  • Prof. Blank portrait

    Joshua D. Blank

    Professor of Law
    Faculty Director of Strategic Initiatives
    jblank@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4807

    Expertise: Tax Administration and Compliance, Taxation of Business Entities, Taxpayer Privacy and Tax Transparency

  • Prof. Burk portrait

    Dan Burk

    Distinguished and Chancellor's Professor of Law
    dburk@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9325 

    Expertise: Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, Cyber Law

  • Prof. Camacho portrait

    Alejandro Camacho

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, UCI Law Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources
    acamacho@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4160

    Expertise: Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Land Use Regulation, Government Regulation and Policy

  • Prof. Cohen portrait

    Linda Cohen

    Professor of Economics and Law
    linda.cohen@uci.edu / (949) 824-5189

    Expertise: Political Economy, Government Regulation and Policy, Economics and Law

  • Prof. Croskery-Roberts portrait

    Rachel Croskery-Roberts

    Associate Dean for Lawyering Skills
    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    rcroskery@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9267

    Expertise: Lawyering Skills, Individual Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, Persuasion/Rhetoric, Business Drafting

  • Prof. DiMento portrait

    Joe DiMento

    Distinguished Professor of Law
    jdimento@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3034

    Expertise: Environmental Law, International Public Law, Urban Planning

  • Prof. Fleischer portrait

    Victor Fleischer

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Partnership Tax, Federal Taxation, Tax, Private Equity Law, Tax Policy, Corporate Finance, Business and Corporate Law, Corporate Tax, Financial Market Regulation

  • Prof. Garth portrait

    Bryant Garth

    Interim Dean
    Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus 
    Co-Director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession
    bgarth@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7722

    Expertise: Globalization, Legal Profession

  • Chancellor Gillman portrait

    Howard Gillman

    UCI Chancellor
    Professor of Law, Political Science, History and Criminology, Law & Society 
    chancellor@uci.edu / (949) 824-5011

    Expertise: American Constitutionalism, Judicial Politics

  • Prof. Goodwin portrait

    Michele Goodwin

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy
    mgoodwin@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3897

    Expertise: Bioethics, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Health Law, Reproductive Rights, Torts

  • Prof. Gustafson portrait

    Kaaryn Gustafson

    Professor of Law
    Director, Center on Law, Equality and Race (CLEaR)
    Associate Dean of Academic Community Engagement
    kgustafson@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4029

    Expertise:  Law and Inequality, Empirical Research, Critical Race Theory

  • Prof. Hasen portrait

    Richard L. Hasen

    Chancellor's Professor of Law and Political Science
    Co-Director, Fair Elections and Free Speech Center
    rhasen@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3072

    Expertise: Election Law, Legislation, Supreme Court, Remedies

  • Prof. Hempel portrait

    Carrie Hempel

    Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Community and Economic Development Clinic
    chempel@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3575

    Expertise: Clinical Education, Community & Economic Development, Post-Conviction Remedies

  • Prof. Jiménez portrait

    Dalié Jiménez

    Professor of Law
    Director, Student Loan Law Initiative
    djimenez@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0066

    Expertise: Bankruptcy and Debtor-Creditor Law, Credit and Debt Collection Markets, Credit Reporting, Student Loans, Access to Civil Justice, Randomized Control Trials in Law

  • Prof. Kaye portrait

    David Kaye

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, International Justice Clinic
    Co-Director, Fair Elections and Free Speech Center
    dkaye@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2427

    Expertise: Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law, International Criminal Justice, and Freedom of Expression

  • Prof. Kim portrait

    Sung Eun (Summer) Kim

    Professor of Law
    Director, Korea Law Center
    skim@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4946

    Expertise: Private Equity, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance, Financial Regulation, Contracts

  • Prof. Lai portrait

    Annie Lai

    Co-Associate Dean for Experiential Education
    Clinical Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Immigrant Rights Clinic
    alai@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9894

    Expertise: Immigration Law, Civil Rights, Workers’ Rights, Clinical Legal Education

  • Prof. Dana Lee portrait

    Dana Lee

    Assistant Professor of Law and Mohannad and Rana Malas Scholar in Islamic Legal Studies
    dlee@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3892

    Expertise: Islamic Law, Intellectual and Social History of the Islamic World, Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, Property

  • Prof. Lee portrait

    Stephen Lee

    Professor of Law
    Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development
    slee@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3731

    Expertise: Administrative Law, Immigration Law

  • Prof. Lerner portrait

    Jack Lerner

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Intellectual Property, Arts and Technology Clinic
    jlerner@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7684

    Expertise: Intellectual Property, Technology

  • Prof. Leslie portrait

    Christopher Leslie

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, Competition, Antitrust Law, and Innovation Forum (CALIF)
    cleslie@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-5556

    Expertise: Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Class Action Settlements, Sexual Orientation and the Law

  • Prof. Li portrait

    Ji Li

    John & Marilyn Long Professor of US-China Business and Law
    jli@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2750

    Expertise: Chinese Law and Politics, International Business Transactions, Comparative Law, Contracts, Empirical Legal Studies

  • Prof. Loftus portrait

    Elizabeth Loftus

    Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science and Law
    eloftus@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3285

    Expertise: Psychology and Law, Human Memory

  • Prof. Marian portrait

    Omri Marian

    Professor of Law
    omarian@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-6493

    Expertise: International Taxation, Comparative Taxation, Taxation of Financial Instruments

  • Prof. Menkel-Meadow portrait

    Carrie Menkel-Meadow

    Distinguished and Chancellor's Professor of Law
    cmeadow@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-1987

    Expertise: International and Comparative Law, Dispute Resolution, Legal Profession and Legal Ethics, Civil Procedure, Law and Society, Legal Education, Feminist Legal Theory and Law, Literature and Popular Culture

  • Prof. Mikkor portrait

    Alison Mikkor

    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills
    amikkor@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-8000

    Expertise: Legal Analysis and Communication; Civil Litigation Practice; Appellate Practice; Lawyer-Client Relationship; Client Interviewing and Counseling Skills; Professional Responsibility; Inclusive Excellence in Legal Education

  • Prof. Moran portrait

    Rachel Moran

    Distinguished Professor of Law
    rmoran@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9949

    Expertise: Civil Rights, Education Law and Policy, Higher Education and Affirmative Action, Latino-Related Law and Policy, Legal Education, Torts

  • Prof. Morgan portrait

    Jamelia Morgan

    Assistant Professor of Law

    Expertise: Race, Gender, Disability, Criminal Law and Procedure

  • Prof. Porter portrait

    Katherine Porter

    Professor of Law (On Leave)

    Expertise: Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Consumer Law

  • Prof. Reese portrait

    Tony Reese

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    treese@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4745

    Expertise: Copyright Law, Trademark Law

  • Prof. Robinson-Dorn portrait

    Michael Robinson-Dorn

    Co-Associate Dean for Experiential Education
    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Environmental Law Clinic
    mrobinsondorn@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-1043

    Expertise: Advice and Counseling, Litigation, Administrative and Policy Advocacy, Administrative Law, Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law

  • Prof. Robinson-Dorn portrait

    Trilby Robinson-Dorn

    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    trobinsondorn@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9638

    Expertise: Business Transactions, Contract Drafting, Employment Discrimination, Employment Law, Lawyering Skills, Client Counseling, Trial Advocacy

  • Prof. Ross portrait

    Ezra Ross

    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    eross@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9743

    Expertise: Administrative Law, Trial Advocacy, Lawyering Skills

  • Prof. Shaffer portrait

    Gregory Shaffer

    Chancellor's Professor of Law and Political Science
    Director, Center on Globalization, Law and Society
    gshaffer@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4794

    Expertise: International Law, International Trade and Investment Law

  • Prof. Simons portrait

    Kenneth W. Simons

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center for Legal Philosophy
    ksimons@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3863

    Expertise: Torts, Criminal Law, Moral and Political Philosophy

  • Prof. Solomon portrait

    Robert Solomon

    Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Community and Economic Development Clinic
    Co-Chair, UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis
    rsolomon@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9719

    Expertise: Community & Economic Development, Housing, Evidence, Trial Advocacy

  • Prof. Song portrait

    Ji Seon Song

    Assistant Professor of Law

    Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Policing, Race and the Law, Juvenile Law

  • Prof. Southworth portrait

    Ann Southworth

    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession
    asouthworth@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2917

    Expertise: Legal Profession, Professional Responsibility, Cause Lawyers

  • Prof. Stoever portrait

    Jane Stoever

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Domestic Violence Clinic
    Director, Initiative to End Family Violence
    jstoever@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3418

    Expertise: Clinical Legal Education, Domestic Violence Law, Family Law

  • Prof. Talesh portrait

    Shauhin Talesh

    Professor of Law
    Director, Law and Graduate Studies Program
    stalesh@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9214

    Expertise: Civil Procedure, Consumer Law, Insurance, Organizations, Empirical Legal Studies, Law and Society, Law and Inequality, Law and Social Change

  • Prof. Taylor Poppe portrait

    Emily Taylor Poppe

    Assistant Professor of Law
    Faculty Director, UCI Law Civil Justice Research Initiative
    etaylorpoppe@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2986

    Expertise: Access to Justice, Wills & Trusts, the Legal Profession, Civil Procedure, Law & Society, Inequality and Law

  • Prof. Tice portrait

    Beatrice Tice

    Professor of the Practice of Law
    btice@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7327

    Expertise: International Law, Comparative Law, Legal Profession, Legal Research and Writing

  • Prof. Tinto portrait

    Katharine Tinto

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Criminal Justice Clinic
    ktinto@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9247

    Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Defense

  • Prof. Tonner portrait

    Grace Tonner

    Distinguished Professor of Lawyering Skills
    gtonner@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4037

    Expertise: Lawyering Skills

  • Prof. Vandell portrait

    Kerry Vandell

    Professor of Law Emeritus
    kvandell@uci.edu / (949) 824-1985

    Expertise: Real Estate Law, Business Law

  • Prof. Weinstein portrait

    Henry Weinstein

    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    hweinstein@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3642

    Expertise: Media Law, Lawyering Skills

  • Prof. Whytock portrait

    Christopher Whytock

    Vice Dean
    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center in Law, Society and Culture
    cwhytock@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0496

    Expertise: Conflict of Laws, International Law, Transnational Litigation, Empirical Legal Studies

  • Prof. Whytock portrait

    Jessica Whytock

    Research Professor of Law
    Associate Dean of the Law Library and Strategic Planning
    jwhytock@law.uci.edu  / (949) 824-7293

    Expertise: Legal Research, Administration

Adjunct Faculty


Affiliated Faculty

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