Our Faculty

Our faculty are some of the nation’s leading  scholars and teachers, representing a broad range of expertise,  including biotechnology, business law, civil procedure, civil rights,  constitutional law, criminal law, equality and discrimination,  international dispute resolution, diversity, education and law,  environmental law, gender and law, government regulation and policy,  intellectual property, labor and employment law, law and pop culture,  law and psychology, legal ethics and professional responsibility, and  urban planning.

Full-Time Faculty

  • Joshua D. Blank

    Professor of Law
    jblank@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4807

    Expertise: Tax Administration and Compliance, Taxation of Business Entities, Taxpayer Privacy and Tax Transparency

  • Dan Burk

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    dburk@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9325 

    Expertise: Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, Cyber Law

  • Alejandro Camacho

    Professor of Law
    Director, UCI Law Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources
    acamacho@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4160

    Expertise: Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Land Use Regulation, Government Regulation and Policy

  • Linda Cohen

    Professor of Economics and Law
    linda.cohen@uci.edu / (949) 824-5189

    Expertise: Political Economy, Government Regulation and Policy, Economics and Law

  • Rachel Croskery-Roberts

    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    rcroskery@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9267

    Expertise: Lawyering Skills, Individual Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, Persuasion/Rhetoric, Business Drafting

  • Joe DiMento

    Distinguished Professor of Law
    jdimento@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3034

    Expertise: Environmental Law, International Public Law, Urban Planning

  • Victor Fleischer

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Partnership Tax, Federal Taxation, Tax, Private Equity Law, Tax Policy, Corporate Finance, Business and Corporate Law, Corporate Tax, Financial Market Regulation

  • Bryant Garth

    Distinguished Professor of Law
    Vice Dean
    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Co-Director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession
    bgarth@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7230

    Expertise: Globalization, Legal Profession

  • Jonathan Glater

    Professor of Law
    jglater@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3710

    Expertise: Education Law and Policy, Business Law, Criminal Law

  • Michele Goodwin

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy
    mgoodwin@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0066

    Expertise: Biotechnology, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Health Law, Torts

  • Kaaryn Gustafson

    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center on Law, Equality and Race (CLEaR)
    kgustafson@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4029

    Expertise:  Law and Inequality, Empirical Research, Critical Race Theory

  • Richard L. Hasen

    Chancellor's Professor of Law and Political Science
    rhasen@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3072

    Expertise: Election Law, Legislation, Supreme Court, Remedies

  • Carrie Hempel

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Associate Dean for Clinical Education & Service Learning
    Co-Director, Community and Economic Development Clinic
    chempel@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3575

    Expertise: Clinical Education, Community & Economic Development, Post-Conviction Remedies

  • Dalié Jiménez

    Professor of Law
    djimenez@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0066

    Expertise: Bankruptcy and Debtor-Creditor Law, Credit and Debt Collection Markets, Credit Reporting, Student Loans, Access to Civil Justice, Randomized Control Trials in Law

  • David Kaye

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, International Justice Clinic
    dkaye@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2427

    Expertise: Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law, International Criminal Justice

  • Sung Eun (Summer) Kim

    Assistant Professor of Law
    Director, Korea Law Center
    skim@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4946

    Expertise: Private Equity, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance, Financial Regulation, Contracts

  • Annie Lai

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Immigrant Rights Clinic
    alai@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9894

    Expertise: Clinical Education, Immigration Law

  • Stephen Lee

    Professor of Law
    Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development
    slee@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3731

    Expertise: Administrative Law, Immigration Law

  • Jack Lerner

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Intellectual Property, Arts and Technology Clinic
    jlerner@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7684

    Expertise: Intellectual Property, Technology

  • Christopher Leslie

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, Competition, Antitrust Law, and Innovation Forum (CALIF)
    cleslie@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-5556

    Expertise: Antitrust, Intellectual Property

  • Leah Litman

    Assistant Professor of Law
    llitman@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9941

    Expertise: Constitutional Law, Federalism, Federal Post-Conviction Review, Habeas Corpus, Federal Courts

  • Elizabeth Loftus

    Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, Professor of Law
    eloftus@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3285

    Expertise: Psychology and Law, Human Memory

  • Omri Marian

    Professor of Law
    omarian@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-6493

    Expertise: International Taxation, Comparative Taxation, Taxation of Financial Instruments

  • Carrie Menkel-Meadow

    Distinguished Professor of Law
    cmeadow@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-5601

    Expertise: International and Comparative Law, Dispute Resolution, Legal Profession and Legal Ethics, Civil Procedure, Law and Society, Legal Education, Feminist Legal Theory and Law, Literature and Popular Culture

  • Alison Mikkor

    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills
    amikkor@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-8000

    Expertise: Lawyering Skills, Experiential Learning, Legal Profession, Client Counseling, Litigation, Appellate Practice, Prison Law, Corrections Policy

  • David Min

    Assistant Professor of Law
    dmin@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-1051

    Expertise: Financial Markets Regulation, Financial Institutions Regulation, Corporate Governance, Housing Finance Law, Business Law

  • Alexandra Natapoff

    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center in Law, Society and Culture
    anatapoff@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0066

    Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Law and Inequality

  • Katherine Porter

    Professor of Law

    Expertise: Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Consumer Law

  • Tony Reese

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    treese@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4745

    Expertise: Copyright Law, Trademark Law

  • L. Song Richardson

    Dean and Chancellor's Professor of Law
    srichardson@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4158

    Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Law and Social Science

  • Michael Robinson-Dorn

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Environmental Law Clinic
    mrobinsondorn@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-1043

    Expertise: Advice and Counseling, Litigation, Administrative and Policy Advocacy, Administrative Law, Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law

  • Trilby Robinson-Dorn

    Associate Dean for Lawyering Skills
    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    trobinsondorn@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9638

    Expertise: Business Transactions, Contract Drafting, Employment Discrimination, Employment Law, Lawyering Skills, Client Counseling, Trial Advocacy

  • Ezra Ross

    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    eross@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9743

    Expertise: Administrative Law, Trial Advocacy, Lawyering Skills

  • Gregory Shaffer

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Director, Center on Globalization, Law and Society
    gshaffer@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4794

    Expertise: International Law, International Trade and Investment Law

  • Kenneth W. Simons

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center for Legal Philosophy
    ksimons@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3863

    Expertise: Torts, Criminal Law, Moral and Political Philosophy

  • Robert Solomon

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Community and Economic Development Clinic
    Co-Chair, UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis
    rsolomon@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9719

    Expertise: Community & Economic Development, Housing, Evidence, Trial Advocacy

  • Ann Southworth

    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession
    asouthworth@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-2917

    Expertise: Legal Profession, Professional Responsibility, Cause Lawyers

  • Jane Stoever

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Domestic Violence Clinic
    Director, Initiative to End Family Violence
    jstoever@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3418

    Expertise: Clinical Legal Education, Domestic Violence Law, Family Law

  • Shauhin Talesh

    Professor of Law
    Director, Law and Graduate Studies Program
    stalesh@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9214

    Expertise: Business Law, Insurance Law, Organizations, Empirical Legal Studies, Civil Procedure, Dispute Resolution

  • Emily Taylor Poppe

    Assistant Professor of Law
    etaylorpoppe@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0066

    Expertise: Civil Procedure, Legal Profession, Law and Society, Empirical Legal Studies

  • Beatrice Tice

    Professor of the Practice of Law
    btice@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7327

    Expertise: International Law, Comparative Law, Legal Profession, Legal Research and Writing

  • Katharine Tinto

    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Criminal Justice Clinic
    ktinto@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-9247

    Expertise: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Defense

  • Grace Tonner

    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    gtonner@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-4037

    Expertise: Lawyering Skills

  • Kerry Vandell

    Professor of Law Emeritus
    kvandell@uci.edu / (949) 824-1985

    Expertise: Real Estate Law, Business Law

  • Henry Weinstein

    Professor of Law
    hweinstein@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-3642

    Expertise: Media Law, Lawyering Skills

  • Christopher Whytock

    Professor of Law
    Co-Director, Center in Law, Society and Culture
    cwhytock@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-0496

    Expertise: Conflict of Laws, International Law, Transnational Litigation, Empirical Legal Studies

  • Jessica Wimer

    Research Professor of Law
    Associate Dean for the Law Library
    jwimer@law.uci.edu / (949) 824-7293

    Expertise: Legal Research, Administration

Adjunct Faculty


Affiliated Faculty

Visiting Faculty


  • Richard Ackerman

    Former California State Senator

  • Peter Afrasiabi

    Co-Director, Appellate Litigation Clinic
    Partner, One LLP
  • Richard Aronson

    Associate Justice, California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division Three

  • Haroon Azar

    Senior Fellow at UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations and Program Director for the Initiative on Security and Religious Freedom

  • Keith Bishop

    Partner, Allen Matkins

  • Catherine Carlisle

    Special Counsel, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

  • Christina Chong

    Associate Director, UCI Law Academic Skills Program
  • Kathryn Davis

    Co-Director, Appellate Litigation Clinic
    Law Office of Kathryn Davis, Certified Appellate Law Specialist
    9th Circuit Pro Bono Appeals, Appointed Counsel
  • Ana Marie Del Rio

    Secretary, Steadfast Apartment REIT III

  • Sen. Joseph Dunn (ret.)

    Special Advisor to the Dean
    Former California State Senator

  • Mitra Ebadolahi

    Border Litigation Project Staff Attorney, ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties

  • Kathryn Eidmann

    Robins Kaplan Supervising Senior Attorney, Opportunity Under Law
  • David Finley

    President, Esquire One Research Services, Inc., Tustin

  • Christina Gagnier

    Partner, Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology, Gagnier Margossian LLP
  • Alisa Hartz

    Staff Attorney, Opportunity Under Law  
  • Sue Kung

    Director of Academic Skills, UCI Law
  • Hon. Richard Lee

    Judge, Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana

  • Emi MacLean

    Attorney, National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)

  • Queena Mewers

    Associate Director of Academic Skills, UC Irvine School of Law

  • Stuart Miller

    The Law Office of Stuart Miller

  • Ramin Pejan

    Staff Attorney, Earthjustice International Program
  • Linda Puertas

    Appointed Counsel for the California Court of Appeal, Second District
  • Anne Richardson

    Directing Attorney, Consumer Law Project at Public Counsel

  • Hon. Tam Schumann

    Judge, Superior Court of Orange County, California (Ret.)

  • Susan Seager

    Media defense lawyer, solo practice

  • Alexandra Seldin

    Senior Staff Counsel, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Jaime Siegel

    CEO, Cerebral Assets, LLC

  • Matthew Swanlund

    Founder and Principal, AESTHETIC LEGAL

  • Steven Wang

    Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
  • Ray Weston

    Vice President and General Counsel, Taco Bell Corporation

Research/Clinical Fellows