Young Kim

Former California State Assemblywoman

Young Kim’s public service began more than 25 years ago, when Kim began to work for U.S. Representative Ed Royce, serving as his key liaison in the communities, and eventually becoming his Director of Asian Affairs. In addition, Kim earned a reputation for being a popular television Talk Show Host with her weekly program on KSCI-LA 18, LA Seoul (1997-2005), and on Arirang-TV’s Real Talk (2011).  Currently, she is hosting a weekly program called “KBS America Talk Show: Issues and Empathy.”

Continuing to expand her public service, Kim was elected to the 65th California State Assembly District in 2014. Despite long odds, Young Kim unseated a fully funded incumbent to become the first ever Korean-American woman elected to serve in the State Assembly. As Assemblywoman, Kim promoted popular policy objectives in our state government such as fiscal restraint of tax spending, education reform, and spurring economic opportunities. Additionally, Kim was successful in securing millions of dollars to help homeless youth and veterans and introduced legislation to build a veterans hospital in Orange County, and championed a measure to protect victims of domestic violence with her bill (AB 2078) that passed with bipartisan support.