Student Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

You have the right to know:

  • What financial assistance is available at UC Irvine School of Law.
  • The deadlines for submitting applications for each financial aid programs available.
  • The Cost of attending UC Irvine School of Law and the refund policy.
  • How your financial aid eligibility was determined.
  • What resources are considered in the calculation of your financial aid eligibility.
  • How much of your financial need is unmet, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • The terms and conditions of the various financial aid programs.
  • What portion of the financial aid you receive must be repaid, and what portion is Scholarship and therefore not repayable. If the aid is a loan, you have the right to know what the interest rate is, the total amount to be repaid, the procedure for repayment and when the repayment is to begin.
  • How UC Irvine School of Law determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress for financial aid and what happens if you are not.

Your Responsibilities

You are required to:

  • Report to Office of Student Financial Services any changes in the following:
    • Housing changes
    • Enrollment status
    • California residency status
    • Additional earnings, funds or support
  • Assume responsibility for any loans accepted:
    • Review the loan terms and process any documents regarding repayment prior to graduation.
    • Participate in the loan-counseling program prior to receiving your first loan and at the conclusion of your enrollment at UC Irvine School of Law.
    • For Federal Direct Student Loans, notify the loan servicer as specified in the loan terms.
  • Repay any funds you receive which cannot be reasonably attributed to meeting your educational expenses.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in the course of study you are pursuing.


Go to the UCI Law Office of Student Financial Services Disclosures page for privacy and non-discrimination policy information.

State of California Disclosure: Federal student loans are available to most students regardless of income and provide a range of repayment options including some income-based repayment plans and loan-forgiveness benefits, which other education loans are not required to provide.


Student Financial Services
401 E. Peltason Dr.
Suite 1000
Irvine, CA 92697-8000
Phone: (949) 824-8080
Fax: (949) 824-5848