Business Law

Lawyers today in all areas of practice must have a good understanding of business and commercial law. As a result, business and commercial law is a focus of teaching, scholarship and public service at UCI Law.


In addition to Business Associations, which is a fundamental core course for all UCI Law students, UCI Law offers a range of upper-division courses in the business and commercial law area. These courses include Accounting and Finance for Lawyers, Antitrust, Banking Regulation, Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Corporate Tax, Federal Income Tax, Insurance Law and Policy, International Business Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions, Non-Profit Corporations, Partnership and LLC Tax, Secured Transactions and Securities Regulation.

Hands-On Learning and Public Service

At UCI Law, students can get real-world business and commercial law experience through clinics and pro bono work.  In the Community Economic Development Clinic, students have the opportunity to do transactional work on behalf of community groups, individuals, non-profit organizations and small businesses. The Community Economic Development Clinic focuses on the development of transaction-oriented lawyering skills, and provides students with business skills and the fundamentals of business law and an introduction to public-spirited legal work outside the litigation context.

Additional Opportunities

Business law opportunities at UCI Law go beyond coursework, clinics and public service. UCI Law students have established a number of organizations with a business and commercial law focus, including the Business Law Society, which provides students with professional networking opportunities and leadership training in corporate and business law sectors, and the Entertainment Law Society, which focuses on business and legal issues relating to music, film, fashion, video games, sports, and other industries of interest.

UCI Law is also home to the UCI Long US-China Institute, established as a premier research entity to facilitate and further develop important relationships between the U.S. and China as related to commerce and law.