Academic Advising

All upper-level law students are encouraged to discuss course selection with faculty and the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

The Assistant Dean for Student Services is available to meet with 1L students in the spring before fall course registration for one-on-one academic advising; 1Ls are also urged to speak to faculty about their course choices.

Before even beginning to choose courses, we suggest you think about your law school education from a broad perspective. You are not just filling a schedule; you are preparing yourself for a life in the law. We have some important tips:

  • Take the classes that interest you the most.
  • Take classes from professors you would like to study with, even if the subject matter is not one you think will appeal to you. There are practice fields you have not considered that will actually capture your interest.
  • Take classes from professors you enjoyed and whose teaching style matches your learning style.
  • Take classes that will give you a strong foundation in the practice field you intend to enter.
  • Take a class in an area of law that interests you, even if you never intend to practice in that field.
  • Takes classes with a mix of different methods of evaluation (e.g., exams, papers, in-class exercises).
  • Take a mix of skills and doctrinal courses.
  • Take a broad range of classes. Life is unpredictable. You may discover you do not enjoy the work you do, or business in your practice area may dry up. Choose courses that will expose you to various methodological approaches to the law and that prepare you to be a well-rounded lawyer able to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.

Course Advising by Field of Practice

For more in-depth guidance in particular practice areas, students are encouraged to visit the following curriculum pages for course selection suggestions to help choose classes during the second and third years of law school.

For more information, contact the Assistant Dean for Student Services.