Pro Bono Awards 2011

Presented at the UCI Law Awards Celebration on April 21, 2011.

Community Awards

These awards honor the pro bono supervisors and supporters, without whom the students could not do pro bono work.

  • Community Pro Bono Advocate: Mitch Wexler of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, & Lowey, for championing the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project
  • Pro Bono Partner: Snell & Wilmer, the first law firm that agreed to partner with UCI Law on pro bono work
  • Faculty Pro Bono Supporter: Christopher Whytock, who directly supervised UCI Law students in a project with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

Student Awards

The following students were recognized for going above and beyond in terms of pro bono.

  • Pro Bono Independent Spirit Award: Andrea Feathers
  • Most Pro Bono Hours: Angel Camino, 1L (96.25 hrs.), Andrea Feathers, 2L (230.75 hrs.)
  • Pro Bono 50 & 100 (Hour) Clubs:
    • 50 Club members: Angel Camino, Christina Chen, Jennifer Chin, Myles Couch, Carly Edelstein, Lauren Gruber, Jeffrey Klein, Michael Klinger, Sabyl Landrum, Jennifer Ludolph, Christine Luu, Danny Moss, Richard (Tu) Ngyuen, Emma Rosenberg, Mallory Sepler-King, Andrea Smith, Phillip Syers, Meg Tanaka, Edward Wunch
    • 100 Club members: Luke Boughen, Lauren Davis, Andrea Feathers, Sam Lam, Denisha McKenzie, Diana Palacios
  • Most Pro Bono Projects: Christine Luu, Richard Nguyen (1Ls), Luke Boughen (2L)
  • Pro Bono Leadership Award: Sam Lam, David Rodwin (2Ls)
  • Pro Bono Achievement Awards: Recognizing all students who met the recommended number of pro bono hours (50 hours for 2Ls, 20 hours for 1Ls)
    • Class of 2012: Edgar Aguilasocho, Joanne Belisle, Sarah Bennington, Theresa Bichsel, Luke Boughen, Joni Carrasco, Denny Chan, Selwyn Chu, Acrivi Coromelas, Lauren Davis, Andrea Feathers, Brian Hardingham, Alisa Hartz, Christina Kazarian, Sam Lam, Susan Lewis, Samrah Mahmoud, Denisha McKenzie, Greg Mintz, Diana Palacios, David Rodwin, Harnik Shukla, Lori Speak, Tracey Steele, Jean Su, Flor Tataje, Irina Trasovan, Jenny Tryck, Christina Zabat-Fran
    • Class of 2013: Alexandra Alvarez, Nicole Ambrosetti, Jacob Barak, Joe Boniwell, Angel Camino, Christina Chen, Jennifer Chin, Leanna Constantini, Myles Couch, Jeanne Detch, Carly Edelstein, Stephanie Friedberg, Tiffany Full, Ryan Graham, Justin Greely, Lauren Gruber, Jennifer Henry, Jessica Hodgkins, Jing "Jenny" Hua, Sunny Hwang, Lauren Kaplan, Darren Kerstien, Ashley Kim, Jeffrey Klein, Michael Klinger, Vithya Krishnakumar, Genny Kristie, Sabyl Landrum, Suzanne Lawson, Jennifer Ludolph, Christine Luu, Danny Moss, Brian Murray, Richard Ngyuen, David Pierucci, Emma Rosenberg, Christina Salvato, Adam Sechooler, Mallory Sepler-King, Akhil Sheth, Andrea Smith, Jaclyn Stahl, Phillip Syers, Meg Tanaka, Chris Taylor, Danila Toscano, Kate Wagner, Bradley Walters, Christy Ward, Michael Wasserman, Azure'De Wilkins, Tom Wilson, Edward Wunch, James Yoon, Xiangyu Zhang

Overall statistics for 2010-2011

  • 89% of UCI Law students did at least some pro bono work during the past year.
    • 86% of 2Ls (52 students)
    • 92% of 1Ls (77 students)
  • UCI Law students completed more than 4,400 hours of pro bono work over the past 12 months. These hours are purely legal work, since students may not count travel time or most training and orientation hours.
  • 83 students (58%) completed the recommended number of hours for the year (50 hours for 2Ls, 20 hours for 1Ls).
  • 25 students (6 2Ls and 19 1Ls) completed at least double the recommended hours.
  • UCI Law students participated in 69 different pro bono projects over the past 12 months.