UCI Law Video: The Discursive Turn in Copyright

In this conference program, expert speakers explore how theories of literary and expressive works may be applied to the interpretation and application of copyright law, so as to better promote the progress of the expressive arts. Speakers included: Barton Beebe, NYU; Annemarie Bridy, University of Idaho; Dan Burk, UC Irvine; Ellen Burt, UC Irvine; Laura Heymann, William & Mary Law School; Joseph Jenkins, UC Irvine; James Nisbet, UC Irvine; Kavita Philip, UC Irvine; R. Anthony Reese, UC Irvine; Mark Rose, UC Santa Barbara; Betsy Rosenblatt, Whittier College; Zahr Said, University of Washington; Jessica Silbey, Northeastern University; Simon Stern, University of Toronto; and Brook Thomas, UC Irvine.

To view the conference in its entirety, watch the YouTube playlist

October 27, 2017