Two UCI Law Faculty Members Appointed Associate Reporters for American Law Institute’s Restatements of the Law


Image of Prof. Reese and Prof. Whytock
Prof. Reese and Prof. Whytock

IRVINE, Calif., December 1, 2014 — The American Law Institute (ALI) has appointed Prof. R. Anthony Reese as an Associate Reporter for the Restatement of the Law, Copyright, and Prof. Christopher A. Whytock as an Associate Reporter for the Restatement of the Law Third, Conflict of Laws, two of the four new projects announced by the ALI. Profs. Reese and Whytock are two of the 17 distinguished academics chosen by the ALI for these projects. The ALI is the leading independent organization in the United States working to clarify, modernize and improve the law. Its Restatements of the Law and other projects are highly influential in the courts, legislatures and legal education.

“Being selected as Associate Reporters by the ALI is a wonderful reflection of the accomplishments of these two professors and the great esteem of their colleagues,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, University of California, Irvine School of Law.

According to the ALI, the Restatement of Copyright Law:

…will focus on the generally applicable parts of copyright law, including the subject matter of copyright; the scope of the exclusive rights granted by copyright; copyright “formalities”; the rules governing ownership and transfer of copyrights; the duration of copyright; the standard for copyright infringement; rules regarding the circumvention of copyright protection systems; defenses to copyright infringement, including the first sale limitation and fair use; and remedies, including actual and statutory damages, attorneys’ fees, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief; and criminal penalties.

The Third Restatement of Conflict of Laws, according to the ALI:

…will be similar to its predecessors in structure and coverage. Its choice-of-law sections will cover torts, property, contract, business organizations, family law and other status questions, and trusts and estates. The Restatement will also cover distinctive choice-of-law issues—the nature of the choice-of-law problem, whether different state or national laws can govern different issues, and what use to make of the choice-of-law rules of other jurisdictions.

About R. Anthony Reese
Prof. Reese is Chancellor’s Professor of Law at UC Irvine School of Law and is a leading expert on copyright law. He has published numerous articles on copyright law and is the co-author of three casebooks on intellectual property law, including a leading copyright law casebook. Much of his scholarship focuses on the interaction of copyright and digital technologies. Click here for a hi-res image of Prof. Reese.

About Christopher A. Whytock
Prof. Christopher Whytock is Professor of Law and Political Science at the UC Irvine School of Law, and a faculty affiliate of the University of California, Irvine Center in Law, Society and Culture. His research focuses on transnational litigation, conflict of laws, international law and the role of domestic law and domestic courts in global governance. In 2013, Prof. Whytock was appointed by the ALI to serve as an adviser on the new Restatement (Fourth) of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States. Click here for a hi-res image of Prof. Whytock.

About UC Irvine School of Law
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