UCI Law Ranked No. 8 Overall, No. 2 for Professors Teaching, in Analysis of Princeton Review’s Best Law Schools of 2023


The University of California, Irvine School of Law was ranked No. 8 overall and No. 2 for professors: teaching in TaxProf Blog’s analysis of Princeton Review’s Best Law Schools of 2023.

Princeton Review compiles its list of Best Law Schools based on data provided by 17,000 students and administrators at the law schools. UCI Law received outstanding marks – on a rating scale of 60-99 with 99 being the highest – in five key categories, below. The rankings are compiled by TaxProf Blog’s analysis of these critical areas:

  • No. 2 Professors: Teaching: 98 “This rating is based on how students rate the quality of teaching at their law school.”
  • No. 7 Professors (Teaching and Accessibility): 98 “Giving equal weight to the professors teaching and accessibility.”
  • No. 10 Academic Experience: 96 “This rating measures the quality of the school's learning environment. Factors taken into consideration include the Admissions Selectivity Rating, as well as how students rate each of the following: the quality of teaching and the accessibility of their professors, the research resources at their school, the range of available courses, the balance of curricular emphasis on legal theory and practical lawyering, the tolerance for diverse opinions in the classroom, and the degree of intellectual challenge that the coursework presents.”
  • No. 13 Admissions Selectivity: 96 “This rating measures the competitiveness of admissions at each law school. Factors taken into consideration include the median LSAT score and undergraduate GPA of entering 1L students, the percentage of applicants who are accepted, and the percentage of applicants who are accepted and ultimately enroll.”
  • No. 16 Professors: Accessibility: 97 “This rating is based on how law students rate the accessibility of law faculty members at their school.”
  • No. 17 Career Rating: 94 “This rating measures the confidence students have in their school's ability to lead them to fruitful employment opportunities, as well as the school's own record of having done so.”

Princeton Review also ranked UCI Law No. 10 for Best Professors, No. 7 for Most Diverse Faculty, and No. 8 for Most Liberal Students.

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