UCI Law Named No. 5 in Interdisciplinary Impact Ranking


UCI Law is No. 5 in a new interdisciplinary impact ranking featured in a report examining law professors and faculties based on citations in non-law journals.

Faculty members from Vanderbilt University Law School, J.B. Ruhl, Michael P. Vandenbergh, and Sarah Dunaway, extended the method used in the Leiter-Sisk “Scholarly Impact Score" to calculate an “Interdisciplinary Scholarly Impact Score.” Their report, Total Scholarly Impact: Law Professor Citations in Non-Law Journals, is published in the Journal of Legal Education.

UCI Law Professor Elizabeth Loftus and Professor Alejandro Camacho are named among the top 50 cited legal scholars in the study. The report also lists UCI Law’s top five most-cited faculty as follows: Elizabeth Loftus, Alejandro Camacho, Kenneth Simons, Joseph DiMento, and Bryant Garth.