Full Media Coverage: UCI Law Professor Rick Hasen Discusses New Book “Election Meltdown”


Election law expert and UCI Law Professor Rick Hasen discussed his new book “Election Meltdown,” which was released on Feb. 4, with major media outlets. The list of publications includes podcasts, interviews, and opinion-editorials: 


Election Meltdown Podcast (in Conjunction with Slate Amicus)

  • Episode 1: The voter fraud that wasn’t, the voter suppression that is. 
  • Episode 2: Paper jams, lost forms, and lost boxes—incompetence and elections
  • Episode 3: Delving into the big bag of dirty tricks ahead of the 2020 election
  • Bonus Episode 1 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Matt Dunlap)
  • Bonus Episode 2 (Slate Plus) (Interview with Jocelyn Benson)

Opinion editorials