Articles by Shauhin Talesh published in variety of esteemed journals, books

July 14, 2014

Image of Shauhin Talesh

An article by Prof. Shauhin Talesh,“The Privatization of Public Legal Rights: How Manufacturers Construct the Meaning of Consumer Law,” has been re-published in the newly released The Law and Society Reader II, a compilation of 43 of the most illuminating articles published since 1993 in The Law & Society Review, the flagship journal of the Law & Society Association. Prof. Bryant Garth also co-authored three articles in the book.

Prof. Talesh also wrote the foreword for Marc Galanter’s new book version of one of the most cited legal articles ever, “Why the ‘Haves’ Come Out Ahead.” In addition, Prof. Talesh just published a new article, “Institutional and Political Sources of Legislative Change: Explaining How Private Organizations Influence the Form and Content of Consumer Protection Legislation,” in Law & Social Inquiry, widely considered one of the top socio-legal peer review journals.

An expert on civil procedure, consumer law, insurance, organizations, empirical legal studies, law and society, Prof. Talesh is currently organizing a September symposium on Insurance and Legal Regulation at UCI Law.

He joined the UCI Law Faculty in July 2011 and has been a leader in UC Irvine’s interdisciplinary culture. He has a joint appointment in Law, and Criminology, Law & Society, and Sociology; is Director of the Program in Law & Graduate Studies; and serves as Advisory Board member and Faculty Affiliate for the Center in Law, Society & Culture and Faculty Affiliate for the Center for Organizational Research and the Long U.S.-China Institute for Business & Law.