Elizabeth Loftus is Awarded the UCI Medal

October 29, 2012

Image of Elizabeth Loftus

On Oct. 27, Prof. Loftus was awarded the UCI Medal, the highest honor the university bestows. The Medal gives lifelong recognition to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to UC Irvine's mission, spirit and vision. Loftus is renowned for her groundbreaking work on the malleability of human memory. A UCI Distinguished Professor, she holds faculty positions in the schools of Social Ecology, Social Sciences and Law. Since earning a doctorate in psychology at Stanford University, Loftus has published 22 books and 500 scientific articles. Her 30 years of research have focused on the misinformation effect, eyewitness fallibility, and the creation and nature of false memories. She has contributed her expertise to hundreds of high-profile criminal cases, including those of Martha Stewart, the Hillside Strangler, Oliver North, Scooter Libby and Michael Jackson.