Jonathan Glater makes 50 Under 50 list of law professors

May 20, 2013

Image of Jonathan Glater

Prof. Glater has been named to Lawyers of Color magazine’s 2013 list of 50 Under 50 of the Most Influential Minority Law Professors. In the introduction, the magazine states: “For nearly a decade, Jonathan Glater, now a law professor at UC Irvine, wrote about the business of law for The New York Times. His recent op-eds on the problems surrounding rising tuition costs and student loan debt suggest he retains his former perspective.” Glater joined UCI Law in 2010 as Interim Director of Academic Support. He became a visiting assistant professor in July 2010, and joined the faculty full-time in July 2011. A Yale Law School graduate, Glater has taught courses in Statutory Analysis, Federal Criminal Law, Topics in White Collar Crime, and Public Companies.