Joseph DiMento celebrates two milestones

October 17, 2012

Image of Joseph DiMento

Prof. DiMento celebrates two recent milestones: He has coauthored a new book, along with Alexis Jaclyn Hickman, Environmental Governance of the Great Seas, and he is stepping down after 10 years as director of UCI's Newkirk Center for Science and Society. In the book, DiMento's 11th, he and his coauthor assess the seas and the effectiveness of the initiatives governing them, and provide suggestions for improving governance and protection. While DiMento is relinquishing leadership of the Newkirk Center after years of distinguished service, he will still be involved in its activities and serve as a member of the advisory board. In an open letter on the Newkirk Center web site, DiMento says his decade at the helm has been "immensely rewarding."