Neil D. Richmond, M.A., J.D., LL.M.

Manager, Southern California International Tax and Transactions (ITTS) Practice at EY


Neil D. Richmond is a Manager in the Southern California International Tax and Transactions (ITTS) practice at EY, with a joint assignment to EY’s national quantitative tax modeling and design Center of Excellence. In addition to serving EY’s global clients with international tax planning and transactional advisory, implementation, and compliance support in a wide variety of market segments, Neil works with EY’s exemplary tax technical and tax technological experts to develop and then train EY’s professionals to use internal and external modeling and computational tools to efficiently accomplish complex tax analysis and standardize service delivery. With his diverse background and experience both within and without professional tax practice, Neil most often serves as a bridge between multiple layers of project development, implementation, and management, always working to tie together the ambiguities, inconsistencies, and blind corners of U.S. international tax law with the exactitude, clarity, and insight quantitative analysis and modeling. 

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