Robert Solomon

Clinical Professor of Law

Co-Director, Community & Economic Development Clinic
Co-Chair, UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis

Robert Solomon


Community & economic development, housing, banking


Professor Solomon was a legal services attorney from 1972-1985, and had the benefit of being a generalist with an enormous amount of client contact. During that time, he came to believe that problem solving was the most important specialty in the practice of law.

Professor Solomon has been a clinical teacher since 1985, with a focus on civil litigation and community development.

Current Courses:

Community and Economic Development Clinic, Advanced Community and Economic Development ClinicAdvanced Community and Economic Development Clinic WCC, The Law of Cannabis, Law and Popular Culture: How Film Shapes our Image of the Law, Alternative Field Placement

Prior Courses:

Community and Economic Development Clinic, Education Adequacy, Domestic Violence Clinic, Community Lawyering, Poverty Legal Services, Trial Evidence Workshop, Trial Practice, Trial Advocacy, Evidence, Advanced Community and Economic Development Clinic, Evidence Plus, Law and Popular Culture, Advanced Litigation Theory: Fact & Narrative Development, Discovery, & Legal Frameworks

  • April 18, 2019:
    Speaker, The Law of Cannabis, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

  • April 12, 2019:
    Speaker, Syringe Exchange Programs, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management regional conference, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA

  • Dec. 7, 2018:
    Speaker, "Electronic and Digital Evidence in California," Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers
  • Dec. 4, 2018:
    Speaker, "Cannabis sativa: The Plant and its Impacts on People: A Changing Legal Landscape," UC Davis
  • March 21, 2018:
    Presenter, "The Law of Cannabis," Orange County Business Trial Lawyers, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Oct. 28, 2016:
    Speaker, Conference on Poverty and Inequality in California, UC Irvine
  • May 2, 2016:
    Panelist, “Constructing a Blueprint for Choosing Clients in Community and Economic Development Clinics,” 39th Annual Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Baltimore 
  • April 13, 2012:
    Speaker, Business Law as Public Interest Law Symposium, UCI Law
  • 2018 Upper Level Professor of the Year, UCI Law