Kaaryn Gustafson

Professor of Law
Kaaryn Gustafson


Welfare and economic policy; criminal law and procedure; interdisciplinary research on race, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic inequality


Professor Gustafson’s research and scholarship is interdisciplinary and explores the role of law in remedying inequality—and in reinforcing inequality. Her research over the last decade focused on the expanding administrative overlap between the welfare and criminal justice systems, as well as the experiences of those individuals and families caught in those systems. Her current research explores the history of law in regulating African American families and in regulating labor among poor people of various ethnic backgrounds.

Current Courses:

Criminal ProcedureCritical Identity Theory

Prior Courses:

Criminal Law; Law and the Welfare State; Critical Identity Theory; WalMart: The Course; WalMart: Research and Writing Seminar; Criminal Procedure; Statutory Analysis

Prof. Gustafson’s Scholarly Papers on SSRN