New Books Published by UCI Law Faculty

books by faculty

Fall 2018

Alejandro Camacho, (Re)Organizing Government: The Functions and Dimensions of Regulatory Authority, NYU Press (forthcoming 2019) (with Robert L. Glicksman)

Joseph F. C. DiMento, Land Use Regulation: Cases and Materials, 5th Edition, Wolters Kluwer (2017) (with Daniel P. Selmi, James A. Kushner, Edward H. Ziegler, and John Echeverria)

Bryant Garth, Sociologia de la Internacionalizacion, Editorial Universitaria Villa Maria (2017) (with Yves Dezalay)

Howard Gillman, Free Speech on Campus, Yale University Press (2017) (with Erwin Chemerinsky)

Michele Goodwin, Policing the Womb: The New Race & Class Politics of Reproduction, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)

Richard L. Hasen, Modern American Remedies, 5th Edition, Wolters Kluwer (forthcoming 2019) (with Douglas Laycock)

Richard L. Hasen, The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption, Yale University Press (2018)

Richard L. Hasen, Election Law Cases and Materials, 6th Edition, Carolina Academic Press (2017) (with Daniel Hays Lowenstein, Daniel P. Tokaji, and Nicholas Stephanopoulos)

Richard L. Hasen, Examples & Explanations for Remedies, 4th Edition, Wolters Kluwer (2017)

Christopher R. Leslie, IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law, 3rd Edition, Wolters Kluwer (2017) (with Herbert Hovenkamp, Mark D. Janis, Mark A. Lemley, and Michael A. Carrier)

Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Sen and Law, Ashgate Press (forthcoming) (edited with Victor V. Ramraj and Arun K. Thiruvengadam) 

Alexandra Natapoff, The New Criminal Justice Thinking, NYU Press (2017) (edited with Sharon Dolovich)

Alexandra Natapoff , Punishment Without Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal, Basic Books (forthcoming 2018)

R. Anthony Reese, Restatement of the Law: Copyright, American Law Institute (forthcoming) (with Christopher Sprigman, Daniel Gervais, Lydia Loren, and Molly Van Houweling)

R. Anthony Reese, Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Related State Doctrines: Cases and Materials on the Law of Intellectual Property, 8th Edition, Foundation Press (2017) (with Paul Goldstein)

R. Anthony Reese, Copyright: Cases and Materials, 9th Edition, Foundation Press (2017) (with Robert A. Gorman and Jane C. Ginsburg)

Kenneth W. Simons, Restatement of the Law Third, Torts, American Law Institute (forthcoming) (with Jonathan Cardi) 

Ann Southworth, Legal Profession: Ethics in Contemporary Practice, 2d edition, West Academic (forthcoming 2019) (with Catherine Fisk)

Jane Stoever, The Politicization of Safety, NYU Press (forthcoming 2019)

Christopher A. Whytock, Restatement of the Law Third, Conflict of Laws, American Law Institute (forthcoming) (with Kermit Roosevelt III and Laura Little)

Christopher A. Whytock, Handbook on the Politics of International Law, Edward Elgar Research Handbook in International Law Series (2017) (with Wayne Sandholtz)

Christopher A. Whytock, Conflict of Laws, 6th Edition, West Hornbook Series (2018) (with Peter Hay, Patrick J. Borchers, and Symeon C. Symeonides)