UCI Talks Sex and Gender

October 2016–April 2017

Gender and sex remain polarizing and uncomfortable subjects for people to talk about. Yet, the need to foster open dialogues about sex and how it relates to equality in pay, work, life opportunities, education, poverty, health, safety, and so much more is abundantly clear. Estimates are that African American women earn only 60 cents on the dollar; the majority of the world's impoverished populations are women; women make up half of the globe's population but possess less than 30% of its wealth; and most women and girls will experience sexual assaults or abuse in their lifetime.  Some of these issues are gaining attention on college campuses across the country, but often in reaction to women being harmed and not as a matter of shaping a proactive, interactive dialogue.  Join us as we take on urgent and sometimes thorny social issues, creating an important space for dialogue. From reproductive rights to pay equality, sex and gender matter.

Sponsored by the UCI Law Reproductive Justice Initiative, this colloquium series engages in timely, important conversations and debates on gender, sex, and race in politics, marriage equality, safety on campuses, and much more. Join us for liberated, robust conversations on the role of sex, gender, and law in society. Lunch is provided.

Please RSVP online for each session, below, as space is limited.

To request reasonable accommodations for a disability, please contact Crissandra Flores at events@law.uci.edu or (949) 824-0941

2016-2017 Schedule