The Labor of Creation and the Law of the Workplace: Attribution of Collaborative Authorship

Chancellor's Professor Lecture by Catherine Fisk

Feb. 8, 2011

Prof. Fisk teaches and writes on the law of the workplace, legal history, civil rights and the legal profession. She is the author of dozens of articles and three books, including the prize-winning Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of the Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800-1930.

In her lecture, Prof. Fisk discussed how innovative firms and employees have long struggled over allocation and control of intellectual property rights and over the allocation of credit for creating work. The lecture compared guild control of screen credit in Hollywood with the managerial control of attribution on Madison Avenue, offering insights on the role of law in mediating vexing labor market issues in the knowledge economy.

Chancellor’s Professors are endowed positions awarded to a very small number of UC Irvine professors across the campus who demonstrate unusual academic merit. More about UC Irvine School of Law’s Chancellor’s Professors >