Long U.S.-China Institute

Serves as UC Irvine’s U.S.-China institute to enhance and facilitate knowledge about the opportunities and challenges of China’s rise


China’s phenomenal economic rise and shifting position in the geopolitical order is creating unprecedented social, business and legal opportunities and challenges at the local, national, regional and global level. The John & Marilyn Long U.S.-China Institute at UC Irvine seeks to serve as a premier academic platform to engage with scholarship and practitioners in the U.S. and in China to understand and formulate opinions about these opportunities and challenges.


The Long U.S.-China Institute focuses on four key areas: (i) economic growth, trade and investment, (ii) social development and justice, (iii) philanthropy and wealth management, (iv) risk and regulation. In addition, the institute seeks to facilitate work that bridges the divide between scholarly, general interest, and policy-oriented discussions of China via projects that support and train public intellectuals and connect academics with those outside of the academy with shared interests and concerns.


The Long U.S.-China Institute will create a bilateral, open, and public platform by which Chinese and American scholars, industry leaders, policy makers and practitioners can connect, share ideas and foster broader understanding of the policy, business, legal and related social/economic challenges and opportunities that engage and affect them.

John S. and Marilyn Long

It is with deepest gratitude that the University of California, The Paul Merage School of Business and the School of Law at UC Irvine recognize John and Marilyn Long, whose foresight and generosity made this Institute possible.