Phillip Chang

Founder & CEO

Thirty years ago, Phillip Chang immigrated to the U.S. He began working in IT and later started his own IT consulting business, igniting his entrepreneurial interest. In 2001, he opened his first retail business specializing in teas and boba. Later Phillip expanded the concept to include frozen yogurt and added a topping bar allowing guests to customize their own dessert. He renamed the shop Yogurtland, and it has reshaped the popular frozen yogurt trend into a growing business by redefining dessert and delivering the ultimate culinary experience. Now celebrating 10 years in business, Yogurtland is the front-runner in the revitalized frozen yogurt segment, operating or franchising more than 300 locations across the United States and in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Venezuela, Guam and Thailand.

Phillip has long desired to build a company culture that focuses on providing growth and happiness opportunities for employees. His faith has guided him to take a servant leadership approach, bringing a new dimension to how the business is shaped and people are served, as employees, franchise partners, vendors and guests. Phillip considers his business as a pathway to help others and has been involved in various charity projects.