The Korea Law Center convenes conferences providing a forum for engagement between experts, scholars, and community members on topics concerning U.S. and Korean law.

Upcoming Conferences

  • 2019 Trans-Pacific Business Law Dialogue: Pioneering a Trans-Pacific Vision in Corporate Law and Capital Market Law (hosted by UCI Korea Law Center in Summer 2019)

Previous Conferences

  • UCI Law & KU Joint Symposium 2018: November 2018, hosted by UCI Law and the Korea Law Center. Details >
  • KLC/CKA Conference: Mentoring the Next Generation: Saturday, September 30, 2017 at the UCI School of Law, 
    co-sponsored by UCI Law's Korea Law Center and the Council of Korean Americans. Details >
  • UCI Law & KU Joint Symposium 2017: May 2017, hosted by Korea University. Details >

KLC Conferences

UCI Law-CKA Mentorship Conference


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Senior International Programs Administrator
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