GLAS is strengthened by the collaboration of a diverse group of faculty rooted in social-legal studies, with expertise in transnational, international and comparative law. The Center Director is Chancellor’s Professor of Law Gregory Shaffer, whose expertise includes international law and international trade and investment law.

    Affiliated Faculty

  • Swethaa Ballakrishnen

    Assistant Professor of Law
    Legal Professions, Gender and the Law, International Migration, Law and Inequality, Feminist and Queer Theory, Global Souths

  • Eve Darian-Smith

    Professor of Anthropology and Law
    Director, International Studies
    UC Irvine School of Social Sciences

  • Bryant Garth

    Professor Emeritus of Law
    Legal Professions in Transnational Context, Legal Realism

  • Joseph DiMento

    Professor of Law
    International Environmental Law

  • Michele Bratcher Goodwin

    Chancellor’s Professor of Law
    Director, Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy
    Health Law, Women’s and Children’s Rights

  • David Kaye

    Clinical Professor of Law
    U.N. Rapporteur, Freedom of Expression and Opinion
    Freedom of Expression, Human Rights

  • Summer Kim

    Assistant Professor of Law
    Banking, Business Law, Business Transactions, Contract Law, Finance, Organizations

  • Ji Li

    John & Marilyn Long Professor of U.S.-China and Business Law
    Chinese Law and Politics, International Business Transactions, Comparative Law, Contracts, Empirical Legal Studies

  • Omri Marian

    Professor of Law
    Business Law, Tax Law, International & Comparative Law, International Taxation

  • Carrie Menkel-Meadow

    Chancellor's Professor of Law
    International Conflict Resolution, International and Transnational Legal Education, Globalization Studies, Legal Profession (ethics, regulation and sociology of), Comparative Constitutionalism

  • Beatrice Tice

    Professor of the Practice of Law
    Global Access to Legal Information

  • Benjamin van Rooij

    Global Professor of Law
    Chinese Law, Law and Development, Access to Justice, Regulation and Governance, Enforcement, Compliance, Lawmaking

  • Christopher Whytock

    Vice Dean
    Professor of Law
    Transnational Litigation, International Law, Conflict of Laws, Empirical Legal Studies


  • Chieh Ho Cheng

    Class of 2022
  • Madison Gunning

    Class of 2022
  • Clair Leonard

    Class of 2022
  • Allyson Myers

    Class of 2021
  • Katie O'Donnell

    Class of 2021
  • Al Staumont

    Class of 2021