After the JD: Strategies and Structures in the Making of Lawyers’ Careers

October 5, 2018 | 1:00–5:00 p.m.
University of California, Irvine School of Law
Room 3500H

Friday, October 5



Session One: Welcome and Overview

  • Ann Southworth and Bryant Garth, Welcome
  • Bryant Garth and David Wilkins, "Why Study Lawyer Careers? Theoretical and Practical Considerations"
  • Ronit Dinovitzer and Joyce Sterling, "How to Study Lawyer Careers? Research Design, Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches"
  • Discussion




Session Two: Analyzing Careers

  • Sequences
    • Ronit Dinovitzer, "Sequences as General Approach to Lawyer Careers"
    • Ronit Dinovitzer and Bryant Garth, "The New Role of the Corporate Law Firm in Lawyer Careers"
  • Events
    • Ethan Michelson and Vitor Dias, "Law Firms as Inequality Machines I: Gender"
    • Vitor Dias and Ethan Michelson, "Law Firms as Inequality Machines II: Race"
  • Pathways
    • Meghan Dawe and Robert Nelson, "Social Background, Education, and First Job"
    • Robert Nelson and Meghan Dawe, "How Did I Get Here? From Jobs in Early-Career to Mid-Career"
  • Narratives
    • Joyce Sterling and Bryant Garth, "The Narratives of Lawyers’ Careers"
    • Bryant Garth and Joyce Sterling, "The Two Hemispheres of Solo Careers"
    • Meghan Dawe and Robert Nelson, "Linking Survey Data and Lawyer Narratives"
  • Discussion




Session Three: Key Topics

  • Race in Lawyer Careers
    • David Wilkins, "Observations from Harvard Law School Study and Comparisons to AJD"
    • Robert Nelson, "Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Legal Workplace"
  • Gender in Lawyer Careers
    • Joyce Sterling and Ronit Dinovitzer, "Observations from Senior Women’s Project and AJD Earnings Analysis"
  • Lawyers' Work
    • Meghan Dawe and Robert Nelson, "Two Hemispheres or More? Fields, Clients, and Employing Organizations"


Session Four: Concluding Roundtable: Central Themes and Additional Analyses