About the Forum

The Competition, Antitrust Law, and Innovation Forum (CALIF) is committed to sponsoring research and fostering discussions about proper antitrust rules and enforcement policies.

Christopher Leslie, Chancellor's Professor of Law, is the founding director of the Competition, Antitrust Law, and Innovation Forum (CALIF).

Antitrust law provides the foundation of modern market economies. Competition in the marketplace generally improves the lives of consumers by expanding output and reducing the price of products and services, as well as increasing quality and innovation. Illegal monopolies and cartels distort competitive markets by decreasing output in order to create artificial scarcity, which reduces consumer access to food, healthcare, and the necessities (and luxuries) of life. Antitrust law and competition policy supply the legal rules for free market economies by addressing three major areas of concern: collusion, monopolization, and anticompetitive mergers. Properly defined and implemented, antitrust enforcement facilitates efficient markets.

In high technology markets, healthy competition is necessary to encourage and reward innovation. Delineating the line between legitimate competition and anticompetitive conduct is difficult and controversial. CALIF strives to inform these debates by facilitating discussions among experts and policymakers.


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