Career Development Timeline for 1Ls

UCI Law subscribes to the NALP Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process, which are a set of best practices designed to ensure the highest standards of professionalism, fairness, transparency, and non-discrimination. In addition, the UCI Law Recruiting Policies provide clarity and set forth expectations for employers and students in connection with recruitment and employment, including a provision that prospective employers, with a limited exception, should not initiate formal one-on-one recruiting contact with first-year students, including applications, interviews, or offers prior to December 1

August and September

  • Focus on your coursework, develop strong study skills, and keep up with all assigned readings.
  • Get involved! Join student groups that interest you or are related to your projected career goals.
  • Attend the CDO's mandatory 1L Resume and Cover Letter Workshop. 


  • Set up your LEO account (UCI Law’s job search site).
  • Schedule an appointment with your primary counselor.
  • Begin work on your cover letter and resume.
  • Follow the CDO’s instructions to submit your resume to the CDO for review.
  • Update or create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Get in the habit of reading SLATE (UCI Law’s weekly student newsletter).
  • Attend lectures, programs, and events on campus on subjects that interest you.
  • Attend the 1L Summer Job Information Fair to learn about summer possibilities from 2Ls & 3Ls.
  • Familiarize yourself with resources on the Career Development website and research different types of legal careers.
  • Explore joining bar associations and attending section meetings and events.
  • Decide if you want to order business cards.


  • Develop a customized job search strategy for your preferred 1L summer plan.
  • To learn how to receive academic credit for your summer job, attend the workshop explaining UCI Law’s Externship Program.
  • Attend the CDO’s Lessons Learned: 1L Diversity Applications and read more about law firm diversity programs.
  • Finalize your resume and cover letter.
  • Review job postings on LEO and plan ahead to apply to employers who hire early.


  • Starting December 1st, begin applying for jobs and continue to regularly review job postings on LEO. As finals approach, focus on studying and preparing for your first semester exams.
  • Follow up on pending applications. Attempt to schedule interviews over winter break if you will spend the vacation in the same place you hope to spend your summer.
  • Schedule informational interviews. Meet with one or two contacts during winter break.
  • Think about which pro bono projects you want to volunteer for next semester.
  • Register for Public Interest Career Day.

January and February

  • Attend the CDO’s Public Interest Career Day & Spring Interview Program Workshop.
  • Attend the CDO’s mandatory 1L Interviewing Skills Workshop.
  • Continue to check LEO and apply to additional positions.
  • Attend workshops, presentations, and networking events.
  • Once your grades are available, follow up on outstanding applications.
  • Check in with your primary counselor. 
  • Schedule a mock interview as part of the CDO’s 1L Mock Interview Program.
  • Attend Public Interest Career Day.
  • Apply for positions through the Spring Interview Program.
  • Note: Plan to complete your summer position by the end of July if you want to participate in Early Interview Week (EIW).

March through May

  • Be aware of deadlines for summer funding, including the Public Interest Law Fund (PILF) and other fellowships and grants.
  • Tell your primary counselor where you are working.
  • Begin planning for your 2L summer.
    • If you’re interested in Patent Law, register for the Loyola Patent Law Interview Program.
    • Attend the CDO’s Early Interview Week (EIW) presentation.
    • If you’re interested in working at a law firm, attend law firm receptions, panels, employer spotlights, and other firm events.
    • Research career fairs.

June and July

  • Consider your career goals and select 2L courses, externships, clinical programs, and pro bono projects to build relevant skills and to demonstrate commitment to your desired practice area and career path.
  • Engage with your summer employer, work hard, and build strong relationships.
  • Continue to develop important relationships by attending law firm receptions, scheduling informal interviews, and meeting with other contacts.
  • Update your resume to include summer employment and activities, including pro bono work. Email your primary counselor to review your resume.
  • If you’re interested in private practice, participate in EIW and formulate a non-EIW job search including LEO postings and diversity applications. 
  • If you’re interested in working for a government agency, review government deadlines and plan to attend the CDO's DOJ Honors/SLIP Presentation in July and the CDO’s Government Hiring Presentation in August.
  • If you’re interested in working in public interest, look for information in August about attending the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair held virtually in October.

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